Sky­hook­Mono is a care­fully hand­crafted mono­spaced type­face fam­ily. It is mod­ern, sturdy and reduced to the max yet refined and classy. But we really love the fact that Sky­hook Mono is very read­able even in smaller sizes. It is designed and opti­mized to be printed so you shouldn’t be sur­prised when the results are even bet­ter than the screen appearance!

Sky­hook Mono is avail­able in 10 dif­fer­ent cuts ensur­ing it can be set con­trast­ingly. Each cut comes with more than 600 glyphs mean­ing you are cov­er­ing an incred­i­ble amount of lan­guages. We stopped count­ing at 150 lan­guages and roughly one bil­lion poten­tial read­ers world­wide. This includes small and exotic ones like Cre­ole or Gali­cian. Sky­hook­Mono is even avail­able in the Greek alpha­bet. More…

Skyhook Mono