Marketing Tactics & Marketing Plan Mistakes

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Marketing Tactics & Marketing Plan mistakes in Integrated Marketing

Terry the tactical marketing terrorist. Terry is code. She represents the  crazed tactical marketer who is so caught up in her tactical marketing underwear she can’t possibly navigate the journey to her goals, key performance indicators or execute the world changing  storytelling, communication strategies she developed.

Don’t be Terry. Just say no. Say no to blindly executing every marketing tactic  that comes to mind, you see your competition executing or hear about.

To reduce the likelihood you or any of the students in  my online/digital marketing class at Northwest College find yourselves  in marketing ICU. I’ve  created a marketing tactics process to help you frame  marketing tactics development.

After goals, KPI’s and outcomes are clear and the marketing strategies have been developed it’s time to brainstorm the tactics, means by which the goals shall be realized.

Here is the process I use to design marketing tactics.

Marketing Tactics & Marketing Plan Mistakes- because no one wants to be Terry the tactical marketing terrorist!

Pam Hoelzle

Make a life not merely a living-world changer!

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