A Model For Telling Your Business Story


A Model For Telling Your Business Story Stories matter. And in the marketplace business story, organization story matter ALOT! Each story should be as unique as the DNA that makes up the venture or organization. That said every story should take into mind the following elements. Want to see your story in a whole new […]

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I Feel Stupid To Admit It; But I Don’t Know What I Want….

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When we don’t know what we want. Being unclear, indecisive, unsure, hesitant, stuck or unmotivated can be frustrating. But don’t buy into the belief that you should be clear. If you aren’t clear – you obviously shouldn’t be! Getting clear is a process and there are plenty of good reasons for being unclear, unsure, indecisive, […]

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Silence as a tool for clarity, focus & success

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Some say the average consumer will be exposed to over 1 million messages this year, (3,000 a day), some say it’s alot less. Still others like Clay Shirky say it’s not information overload that stresses us out, it’s our ‘filter failure.‘ Oh well, you will just get better at multi-tasking! But of course you know […]

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Clear is Powerful

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Clarity is preferred to confusion in business and life. The clearer I am the more powerfully I communicate. The easier I make it to understand me the greater the probability that I will add value to you. The more value I offer the greater the potential you and I have for engagement. Engagement offers all […]

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