It’s not about you; leader.

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Leaders sometimes forget it’s not about them. Followers, team members sometimes forget how important they are… Making something happen, starting a movement, rallying others around a big idea, mission, vision is impossible without participation and engagement. Lone nuts dancing alone are just that; nuts. Don’t get me wrong we need leaders. But sometimes leaders need […]

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Leadership. It must get better. It must become GOOD.

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Leadership. It must get better. It must become GOOD. As I review the Community Round table report on community management my mind keeps chunking up to the idea about what this report has to do with GOOD leadership; servant, community, tribal and movement inciting leadership? I keep coming back to the thought that as cool […]

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Promotion died: Meet Engaged Tribal Storytelling


Promotion Died. Meet Engaged Tribal Storytelling Web 2.0, Asia, automation, a global financial crisis & consumer skeptism have fueledthe death of old school advertising and promotion.With three screens; television, computer and mobile today‚Äôs consumers areempowered publishers, editors, contributors and collaborators. Individuals are advertising. Web 2.0 enables individuals to connect, share, create, design and […]

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Big Ideas Inspire

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Big Ideas Inspire Tribes, Movements, Communities and yes clients… I love  Seth Godin. In the marketing sense of the word I mean. I love his ability to simplify things us business types have a tendency to get in a wad over.  Some of you may be saying. She should really create her own videos; you know if […]

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