Radical Grace

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photo by By andrea.rose Radical Grace The short prayer before a meal. The period provided after a bill is due and yet not late. Favor, goodwill. Elegance, beauty in action. Luther’s 95 thesis, the Protestant Reformation. Grace. Graceful. Full of grace. Are we? Are we liberal in dispensing undeserved favor? What is our tendency; to criticize […]

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The Prison Warden In The Mirror

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The Prison Warden In The Mirror We become what we repeatedly do. Being; results from our thoughts and our actions. If you are chained to behaviors, results, thoughts and ways of being that you’re unhappy with, that no longer represent the life you want then it’s time to face the mirror. You my darling, ( […]

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Ready, Camera; FOCUS!

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Focus And Build a Purposeful Life and A Profitable Venture In life and business we need to be able to move back and forth between the telescope and the microscope. We need to be able to see the big picture, the end in mind and chunk down to the details. We need to be able […]

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