Overheard At A Coffee Shop

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Overheard At A Coffee Shop. Okay so sometimes I accidentally listen to other people’s conversations when I’m sipping my rice or hemp latte. I wouldn’t really call this eavesdropping…. I mean is it really my fault when you’re talking that loud??? Yesterday I sat several tables away from two girls who were seated at the […]

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Genuine Article

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By T U R K A I R O @ flickr Genuine Article You’ve felt it. Velvet softness. You’ve heard it. A rhythm that moves your soul. You’ve tasted it. Mind blowing bliss. You’ve seen it. Indescribable beauty. You’ve experienced it; A courageous human. A bold business. A passionate organization. A life changing friend. A moment […]

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“I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.”

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photo By Dominic’s pics ‘I’ve had All I Can Stands, I can’t stands NO MORE.” Popeye. Sitting on the couch in the wee hours of the morning after a long night of worrying I found myself channeling Popeye, “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” It was that night, that was the straw […]

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Hope I’m coming home to a place I use to live; hope. A home I left long ago. A refuge. A place of knowing. Where belief blooms. An intuitive knowing. The way of the spirit. Being’s residence. All my intellectual architecting and busyness have yet to make me feel at home. We are not alone. […]

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Joy Is

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photo by Dmitry Kichenko Joy IS In the spring of 99, after her 51 st birthday my mom lost her battle with breast cancer. Six month’s later her namesake; Rosalie Chaney, my daughter was born. When I sent out Rosie’s birth announcement I wrote, ” Our sorrow remains and yet …our joy is inextinguishable.” It’s […]

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Radical Grace

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photo by By andrea.rose Radical Grace The short prayer before a meal. The period provided after a bill is due and yet not late. Favor, goodwill. Elegance, beauty in action. Luther’s 95 thesis, the Protestant Reformation. Grace. Graceful. Full of grace. Are we? Are we liberal in dispensing undeserved favor? What is our tendency; to criticize […]

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What’s VALUE’s got to do with it?

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photo credit By The U.S. Army What’s Value’s Got To Do With It? Sitting in a meeting the other day the conversation veered right, left, weaved back and finally the only question left was, “What’s most important? What really matters…now?” My client paused. She stared at me. I stared back. What would my answer be, if […]

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Momentum as Habit

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Momentum as Habit I’m not a physics major. But I know something of momentum, not that I’d define it as the product of the mass and velocity of an object. I tend to think of it more as progress, the force or speed of movement of an object, person, team, organization, vision, tribe, movement….you get […]

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When Life Sucks…

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When Life Sucks ( A fiction story) “I win the award today.” My girlfriend Bonnie grinned as I pulled up a chair.” “You sure about that?” I asked. “Oh I’m sure.” “Okay so pray tell, why do you win the ‘my life, sucks more than yours-today” award? “Bill was laid off. Again.” “Geez. I’m sorry.” […]

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Covered in Compost

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Covered In Compost Compost happens. The best laid plans fail. Problems arise. Detours occur. Things change. People, businesses, relationships, organizations disapoint us. I’ve had my share of compost. It doesn’t look, smell or feel good. When life goes compost, things are dark and damp. It’s winter. Father time has issued a giant time out. Nothing […]

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