20 Ways To Get Growing: Lean Growth Strategies For Startups And Business

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It’s time to get growing. The question is what are the questions that lead to growth…what are 20 ways to grow? I spoke at the Orlando Business Journal’s Expo this week and prepared an overview of 60+ strategies and tactics to grow with and presented them as questions framed by the business model canvas?And how […]

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The 3- H’s Of Engagement: Heads, Hearts & Hands

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The Art of Engaging Hearts, Hands and Heads Photo credit Below I posted a question to twitter yesterday asking what common mistakes are made by leaders and supervisors. One of the respondents was from @anthonystevens, “Typical management blunders include, Micromanagement, misplaced priorities, treating people as interchangeable “things”. After reading Anthony’s answer I perused his blog […]

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What If Growing Your Business Is Easier Than You Think? Accelerate

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Why is growing your business so difficult, complicated and expensive? Truth is… it doesn’t have to be. Over the years, I’ve found and revised tools that help entrepreneurs and leaders get clear and simplify what it takes to grow. Clarity drives many things and growth just happens to be one of them… What if growing […]

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Questions Are The Start of Startup

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  photo by charles chan Startup Questions. Questions Are The Start Of Startup The startup journey begins with discovery and quickly moves into business modeling. In the early stages of business modeling there are only questions, or so it seems. Each question calls us further and further into understanding. Businesses are built on […]

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Simple Startup Tools

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So you want to launch a startup. Let’s practice a few simple startup basics…

First thing to remember is that startup is like grief it’s not linear it’s circular and you don’t proceed from one phase to the next but rather you go around and around…

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What Makes For Great Web Storytelling?

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Web Story. One of my favorite things to do is to help startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their story- on their websites and across the web- better. Ezra International is an example of a client that we did just that for. Ezra had a static website. They had not yet moved to a blog. […]

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Web Storytelling: Better Storytelling

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Gone are the days of static websites. Enter website storytelling. Remember when you launched a 5 page static website at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year the same 5 pages with the exact same content were still out in internet land doing their thing?Remember when people actually typed in […]

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Video Storytelling

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Video Storytelling It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s never been more true than now. You may have a great story but are you rocking video storytelling? Is your story easy for others to digest? Is it easy to share across the web? Is your story in multi-media; video, photo’s […]

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