The 3- H’s Of Engagement: Heads, Hearts & Hands

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The Art of Engaging Hearts, Hands and Heads Photo credit Below I posted a question to twitter yesterday asking what common mistakes are made by leaders and supervisors. One of the respondents was from @anthonystevens, “Typical management blunders include, Micromanagement, misplaced priorities, treating people as interchangeable “things”. After reading Anthony’s answer I perused his blog […]

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What if ‘what’s’ wrong with leadership is the WHY, not the how?

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Photo By iwona_kellie What if what’s really wrong with leadership is the WHY, not the how? Wikepedia defines leadership as “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. ” Wikepedia then immediately follows with this double bob and weave, CYA statement, “Definitions more […]

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Keeping It Real

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Keeping It Real “How are you?” Fine she answered as she wiped her leaky eyes dry. “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” She whispered. How many times have I been the character above? Blind to truth. Deaf to reality? Mine and others?Acting as if, “See no evil, hear no evil” is some sort of excuse for […]

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Leaves or Grapes?

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Leaves or Grapes. The young man admired the vineyard foliage. “It’s so green, so thick, it’s amazing!” The vine-dresser smiled as she picked up the vine and began cutting. “What are you doing?” The old woman looked across the top of her glasses at the young man, “This wood.” she pointed. “These leaves.” She frowned. […]

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Life is Like A Box Of Chocolates

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“My Momma always told me life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get…” Choices. The other day on Face Book I posted the question, “How do you get the chocolate you want when you have an entire box to choose from?” I mean how do you choose? If […]

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Are you a premature chunker? Key’s to less conflict

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It’s been my experience that most conflict is simply a matter of conflicting rules and beliefs. It’s also been my experience that those who prematurely (premature is rarely optimal in any endeavor) chunk down to the details and minutia (magnify the differences) create and experience more conflict. Individuals who habitually magnify the differences between themselves and […]

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What inspires you, fills you with energy, motivates you? DO IT!

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Energy. Motivation. Inspiration. Yes, that’s me hiking this week up at Mt. Si. The woods are one of the places I go to refuel, recreate and get re-energized. You see I get that I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience. The only way I can show up with transformational energy, motivated and inspired is […]

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“I didn’t mean to”

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Intent. Intention is all the rage. Set one and manifest. Affirmations. Visualizations. Clarity. Vision. The end in mind. All of these are tools of creation in life and business. I use them daily, in my own life and with clients. But lately I’ve begun to wonder if sometimes we don’t shrug off responsibility for the […]

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What are your favorite words?

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How Can I Help? What if I seek to understand more than to be understood? What if I show up in every encounter intent to help, serve and add value and meaning? What if I take my favorite words, “How can I help?” And make them a soulful mantra I commit to living by? How […]

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How are you investing your time?

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Time is a scarce resource. In my earlier years I always believed money was the scarcest of resources and the resource most worthy of my time. Reality is that you and I have several life currencies, resources from our physical and mental health to our finances, assets, experiences, relationships and time. The average 40 hour […]

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