” Are You; ever hearing, never understanding…”

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  Photo by Mike Baird Which one are you? The person covering your ears, sticking your tongue out, chanting, “Na, Na, Na, NaNa.?” Or the one; baring your soul, sharing your best ideas, hoping to be heard? Maybe you find yourself looking into a fog…. ever seeing but never quite understanding or perceiving those around […]

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Life Is As Good, As You Decide It Is.

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Photo by Alex Promios “Life Is As Good As YOU, Decide IT is” Grumbling over a slight inconvenience I slammed the car door. “IT’s a GREAT DAY, mom.” Zach smiled “Oh yah, what makes you so sure?” I sighed. “It’s payday at Taco Time!” Of course. Just like my own son to remind me of […]

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How’s That Working For YOU?

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Photo by Alex Proimos How’s That Working For You? “NO, DON”T” I screamed “Mom, what are you doing?” My son responded. “I thought you were pulling out in front of that truck!” “Of course, I wouldn’t do that. You really need to calm down.” I don’t know about you, but not everything I’m doing is […]

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1 Thing

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k1uOqRb0HU[/youtube] 1 Thing – are you crazy? No I’m Curly… What is YOUR 1 thing. YOUR 1 BIG thing that simply lights up your life, your day, your being. Maybe it’s love. Maybe it’s children. Maybe it’s teaching, learning, science, faith, cooking, writing, building, drawing…But it’s something you can’t help. More and more my 1 […]

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The Lie of Security

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photo by Dustiney Perkins “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller I’m reading True Spirit the […]

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Old Stories…

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There was that time when….And then there was….And I remember when….Of course there was the time when HE ….And then when SHE… Stories. Enertaining to watch and listen to. Polarizing, suffocating, restrictive when they define us and others. When they morph into false beliefs, labels and chains that imprison us to the past. What […]

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Between a Rock and A Hard Spot

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Photo By mariachil Between a Rock and A Hard Spot I went to the movie 127 hours this weekend. WOW. And I went alone so instead of squeezing someone’s hand I just clamped my eyelids down as tight as possible in the difficult moments of the movie… Between a rock and a hard spot. I’ve been there. […]

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Getting Back Up

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photo By Evil Erin Getting Back Up. I think I might just have my PhD in falling down. Not the slight mis-step, trip kind but rather the flat on my face, or back, could the ground just open up and swallow me type. Down for the count. (And by the way I am so getting a […]

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I Would Have Made A Terrible Farmer: Patience

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photo by By donjd2 Perseverance & Patience These twins have been dogging me for nearly a decade. Can you hear me squirming? I would have made a terrible farmer, absolutely intolerant of those early shoots and their mere half inch growth status. Cajoling them to grow faster, be fruitful and multiply. I can just hear myself […]

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Online Search Has Changed Naming A Business FOREVER: Naming a Business or Product

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Naming A Business or Product NOW There are some exciting changes coming in regards to my writing. This past year I’ve struggled with what to do about my insatiable desire to inspire hope and how that intersects with my passion for sharing resources for small business owners, entrepreneurs and college students. I think I’ve got […]

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