How Many Vista’s Have You Missed?

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My internal GPS is programmed wrong. I’m eternally, directionally challenged. And still I venture out. Often alone. How many vista’s have you missed for fear of getting lost, falling down or failing? “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” Helen Keller said. I agree. Dare to fail. Dare to get lost. Dare to […]

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Originality: Original By Design

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In business and venturing I’m constantly admonishing entrepreneurs to create original, innovative high value business models, not merely creative marketing campaigns and sales tactics. The true secret of business is innovative design of solutions (products and services) to solve highly valued problems. I spend a lot of time creating and designing innovative businesses because business […]

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Who Do You Miss?

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Great leaders, partners, friends, family members and lovers let us know how much we are missed. They notice our absence. Our unique, original participation matters to them; deeply. Everyone wants to be missed. Born original and irreplaceable we hunger to be known for the gift we are. Who do you miss? Have you told them? […]

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Stuffed with Stuff; 30 second video inspiration

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In business as in life; more is not always better. Are you stuffed with stuff? White space, margin, making space it’s critical to innovation, change and experiencing something new. If your life and business are stuffed with knick knacks and pad locks from the past how can you possibly experience that which is important now? […]

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Got growth? Videothought Feb 1

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Nurtured? Surrounded by life sustaining, growth enhancing elements? If not – perhaps it's time to rethink. Each of us needs different elements to realize our potential and grow. Look around, is where you've planted yourself nurturing you? Do you have access to the life giving elements necessary for your very best life? If not perhaps […]

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