Momentum as Habit

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Momentum as Habit I’m not a physics major. But I know something of momentum, not that I’d define it as the product of the mass and velocity of an object. I tend to think of it more as progress, the force or speed of movement of an object, person, team, organization, vision, tribe, movement….you get […]

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Leaves or Grapes?

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Leaves or Grapes. The young man admired the vineyard foliage. “It’s so green, so thick, it’s amazing!” The vine-dresser smiled as she picked up the vine and began cutting. “What are you doing?” The old woman looked across the top of her glasses at the young man, “This wood.” she pointed. “These leaves.” She frowned. […]

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What are your favorite words?

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How Can I Help? What if I seek to understand more than to be understood? What if I show up in every encounter intent to help, serve and add value and meaning? What if I take my favorite words, “How can I help?” And make them a soulful mantra I commit to living by? How […]

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How are you investing your time?

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Time is a scarce resource. In my earlier years I always believed money was the scarcest of resources and the resource most worthy of my time. Reality is that you and I have several life currencies, resources from our physical and mental health to our finances, assets, experiences, relationships and time. The average 40 hour […]

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How to eat an Elephant of a Goal!

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How to Eat The Elephant’s in Your Life and Business. Of course you eat an elephant, ‘one bite at a time.’ Just as you drink from a firehouse; carefully. And yes every one of us be it; monthly, daily or hourly worry that we might not be up for this elephant we’ve chosen, that we […]

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Get A Life, Before you Croak!

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Don’t get a job; Get a life before you Croak! I met with a past client of mine yesterday and he said as he sipped his coffee, ” I finally took your advice and decided to get a life.” I smiled. About a year or two ago I helped him and his partner grow their […]

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