What’s the secret to start up success?

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Now that’s a loaded question isn’t it? Kind of like, “What’s the secret to finding my soul mate, living my vision and getting my teenagers to like me…?” Sitting face to face with a life time career person, new entrepreneur I thought carefully before answering the question , “What’s the secret, how do I know […]

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How to eat an Elephant of a Goal!

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How to Eat The Elephant’s in Your Life and Business. Of course you eat an elephant, ‘one bite at a time.’ Just as you drink from a firehouse; carefully. And yes every one of us be it; monthly, daily or hourly worry that we might not be up for this elephant we’ve chosen, that we […]

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Priortities and Mattergaps

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 Mattergaps  & Priorities How often do you find yourself asking what first? What now? What do I say no to? What do I say yes to? Only hours later to find yourself knee deep in urgent matters that aren't necessarily important, at all? In my life working side by side with leaders and creators I […]

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“Your Baby Is Not Beautiful” And other startup advice

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photo fishermansdaughter “Your babies not beautiful” and other startup advice…. The other day I hosted an entrepreneur chat led by Todd Dean who is now CEO of Brace Audio. Todd has a resume full of entrepreneurial pursuits, the most recent being founder of Keiretsu Forum, an angel investor forum based in the northwest. I invited […]

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Make the Ask

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Making the Ask One of my current clients businesses is in an industry that has suffered devastating blowsover the past 24 months. Funny, but it seems everywhere I go entrepreneurs and leaders want’s answers…. I want to ask questions. My question is often; what is the question(s)? What are you asking? Who are you talking to? […]

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Leader; Conductor; Facilitator

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Leadership is about possibility.  Leaders unleash possibility as they unleash human potential; theirs and others. Ben and Rosumand Zander's book,  The Art of Possibility inspired me years ago and is a book I return to often. Ben Zander is a transformational leader.  Transformation.  Leadership is about transforming ourselves and others. Leading. I've learned albeit the […]

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Inspired by Daniel Pink's Ted Talk  I am committing 4 posts to a discussion about what it would take for us leaders  to lead a RESULTS REVOLUTION.  I want to help support the  Leadership Results Revolution, Pink's work incites.  Sometimes, as Pink points out assumptions and human behavior are contrary to truth and reality. Sometimes human […]

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Want to have a RESULTS REVOLUTION: Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose

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Results Revolution: Daniel Pink on Human Motivation Have you read Daniel Pink's books? Listened to his Ted Talks and Oprah Interviews? His book A Whole New Mind was one of my top business reads last year. Oh you remember when he was writing Al Gore's speeches? Well, the world is better off now that he […]

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When it’s foggy…

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When the vision, direction, plan is foggy I don't know about you but sometimes the fog rolls in, visibility dissipates. Life. Business. Strategies. Direction. Meaning. Relationships. Goals. Purpose. Tactics.  When my vision is cloudy, when forces outside of my control create blizzards.  I remember advice garnered from one of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott in […]

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2010: What Matters Now: WHO before HOW!

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2010: What Matters Now: WHO before HOW! As I reflect on this past year and prepare for the next I am taking myself and my clients through a  series of questions that I have been sharing over the past week or so. After successfully identifying  WHAT matters most in 2010 in life and biz, we […]

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