The 3- H’s Of Engagement: Heads, Hearts & Hands

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The Art of Engaging Hearts, Hands and Heads Photo credit Below I posted a question to twitter yesterday asking what common mistakes are made by leaders and supervisors. One of the respondents was from @anthonystevens, “Typical management blunders include, Micromanagement, misplaced priorities, treating people as interchangeable “things”. After reading Anthony’s answer I perused his blog […]

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How Many Vista’s Have You Missed?

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My internal GPS is programmed wrong. I’m eternally, directionally challenged. And still I venture out. Often alone. How many vista’s have you missed for fear of getting lost, falling down or failing? “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” Helen Keller said. I agree. Dare to fail. Dare to get lost. Dare to […]

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Losing MY Potential

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photo red twolips Losing MY Potential Stepping Onto the Scale I exhale. The red letters blink, ” Under Potential.” Shifting to the right I work to disrupt the scale. “LESS THAN EXPECTED,” it responds. If ONLY. If only I’d done more, accomplished more, been more… As the bar to the high jumper, my POTENTIAL taunts. […]

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The Age of Social Narcissism

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Photo credit By Beverly & Pack The Age of Social Narcissism We all remember that poor boy Narcissus – right. Thirsty he seeks refreshment. But instead of refreshment he finds his reflection and falls in love with it. Unwilling to disturb the water for fear of losing site of his beloved self Narcissus dies, dies […]

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Get a Bike not a Plan

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Bikes: the ultimate plan I was talking with a couple of my engineering brainaic friends last night before the Seattle Social Media event at the Seattle Art Museum. Our conversation ebbed and flowed and at one point my friends explained how their companies are all tied up in their undies over planning. Yes old school […]

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Are you a premature chunker? Key’s to less conflict

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It’s been my experience that most conflict is simply a matter of conflicting rules and beliefs. It’s also been my experience that those who prematurely (premature is rarely optimal in any endeavor) chunk down to the details and minutia (magnify the differences) create and experience more conflict. Individuals who habitually magnify the differences between themselves and […]

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Went out for Coffee; Came back with a Miracle

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Yesterday was my first day back from vacation. To ease back into real life I started my day with a walk to Caffe Ladro in Kirkland, ordered my grande, triple shot, rice latte and headed for the stairs. Yes. The stairs. I go there when I need a heart raising workout. And I always go there […]

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What’s the secret to start up success?

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Now that’s a loaded question isn’t it? Kind of like, “What’s the secret to finding my soul mate, living my vision and getting my teenagers to like me…?” Sitting face to face with a life time career person, new entrepreneur I thought carefully before answering the question , “What’s the secret, how do I know […]

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Ever Been Pissed At God?

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I was at the Drinks For Drinks Benefit with Herding Cats tonight for Charity Water and all I could think about was the question, “Have you ever been pissed At God?” I know weird. Here I am at one of the most inspiring events I’ve ever been to and I’m thinking about how easy it […]

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Lost in Translation, or was that Transition?

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Lost in Translation or was that Transition? Many have seen the 2003 film Lost in Translation featuring aging actor (Bill Murray) and recent college-graduate (Scarlett Johansson). The two develop a unique friendship after a chance meeting in a Tokyo hotel. The movie explores themes of loneliness, alienation, insomnia, and culture shock against the backdrop of modern Japan. (Thanks Wikepedia) Many […]

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