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1 Thing – are you crazy? No I’m Curly…

What is YOUR 1 thing. YOUR 1 BIG thing that simply lights up your life, your day, your being. Maybe it’s love. Maybe it’s children. Maybe it’s teaching, learning, science, faith, cooking, writing, building, drawing…But it’s something you can’t help.

More and more my 1 thing is just showing up to give and receive LOVE.

Yep, sounds like a true confession from a type A whose always defined herself by what she was doing versus who she was being.

My 1 thing; NOW?

Well it’s not business, or teaching, or writing or doing.

IT’s love. Yep. Going entirely soft here. I want to receive it and give it. That’s my one thing. The thing that gives me more pleasure than diamonds, cars, trips, start-ups or any of this stuff. Connecting soul to soul…giving and now with a heart wide open I’m even ready to receive love as well as give it. So my business, my teaching, riting, parenting, frienships, everything is being informed by my 1 THING. Finally whether alone, working, teaching, with my kids, friends in the yoga studio, on a hike, wherever everything aligns…with my 1 THING

So what’s your 1 thing.

Don’t miss that which is YOU!

Pam Hoelzle

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