The 15-30 Breath Rule…

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So I haven’t been blogging that much. I’m birthing a new writing project and working like a crazy entrepreneur on launching a client’s company right now.

I miss writing. It’s my thing. Who I am. So I’m taking some time to reflect on how to continue my passion; writing and make a living, be the mom I want and you know….change the world in my own small and seemingly insignificant way…

The 15-30 breath rule. Most of my life I’ve suffered from hyperventilation.

Brain hyperventilation and mouth. For some reason, I have an unruly mind and my mouth is just as outlandish. Quite some time ago I developed the very annoying habit of talking before my neuron synapses listened to my heart and soul.

In the hot yoga room, where I find myself alot lately, if you don’t breath, you end up in a ball on the floor, have heart palpitations and collapse.

Breath of life. Breathing is life. How funny, that its taken me nearly 48 years to realize that breathing, breathing ALOT before talking, deciding, choosing is the key to healthy relationships and integrity in the art I’ve been called and feel inspired to live, be and create during my time on planet earth.

So my new thing is- I’m breathing more…I’m taking 15…even 30…breaths and allowing my heart to catch up with my sprinter like mind and mouth.

Reactive. Proactive. Reflective.

I want to be reflective, genuine and forward moving. I want to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. I want my actions, decisions and words to align with what I’m feeling not just what I’m thinking. Us cranial centered individuals often choose to live in our minds for the very reason that it’s alot less messy without those uncontrollable emotions …

I find that when I take 15 breaths and then take another 15 it gives my heart just enough time to register with my brain before my big mouth makes a declaration that is in-congruent with my heart and soul.

Some days in the hot yoga room I find myself so exhausted all I can do is lie face down on my sweaty yoga toes mat and pray for time to pass, quickly. Quicker.

Deep inhalations, deep exhalations bring me back to homeostasis.

Life keeps laying me out, flat on the mat and it is here, in my most impatient, gotta make something happen moments I find myself taking 15…taking 30.

The 15-30 breath rule…it’s helping me find integrity in who I BE, AM.

Pam Hoelzle

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