2010: What Matters Now; How will I know?

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2010: What Matters Now Series: How Will I know; when I get there?

Ever come to an intersection, opportunity, fork in the road and wondered which way to go? Clarity of intent, goals (the WHAT's) that matter in 2010 will help you navigate the journey and choose from all the options, paths available to you in the New Year. Creation is both art and science and it begins with thought; your goals are thoughts ….now to realize them.

We have the camera in our hand and we are zooming in. Forget the telescope you are done with that for awhile, bring out your leadership magnifying glass. In prior posts I spent quite a bit of time talking about the big picture and why we want to start the New Year out by getting clear on WHAT matters most.

I'd be the first to admit  planning can be overrated. I mean we all know, life is not always what we expect or plan for. And it is also true that a good percentage of life is about showing up, playing all out while staying detached from outcomes and as flexible as GUMBY!

That said, it doesn't mean you and I aren't responsible for stewarding our lives and ventures to the best of our abilities. Albeit, it is not a perfect science or art.

Fully aware that I have incomplete knowledge as to what life and business will bring in 2010 I STILL plunge in to clarify the WHAT"S, the goals, priorities I've commited to invest  my time, resources and talents in 2010.

 I am deciding and deciding is about cutting off options. To have a yes, I must first find  no. As all creators know, creation is in and of itself an act of destruction.

Pictures and feelings, help me come to know the end I am most intrigued by and desirous of creating. To realize goals and priorities we must come to know them intimately and we do this by seeing them and feeling them. Visualize. See the end in mind. The completion you are after. Feel it. Feel it done. 

Identifying my goals intimately helps me know; what really matters.

Here are a few questions I use to help me know….what I'm really after ….what I am really desirous of creating and accomplishing.

What does the end in mind specifically- look like, feel like?

What is the measurable proof, evidence that will exist when this goal, priority, WHAT is realized, accomplished?

What changes?  

What do I ( or venture, org) become, experience or have because of my investment in this WHAT, goal, priority?


Pam Hoelzle

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