2010: What Matters Now? Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

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2010: What Matters Now? Say Hello And Wave Goodbye.

I wanted to answer Seth's question, the one he posed in his incredible E-book;What Matters Now.

I wanted to answer, creatively. So here's my first take; the above slideshare.

I will be updating this with a WHAT'S important now for business overview by January 2. Bookmark and check back if you wish.

More importantly are your own WHAT"S!

 So do me a favor, take some action now and spend some time on your WHAT's important in 2010 and then if you like share them with me, us  at google forum on WHAT MATTERS.

If you missed the 2010: What's Important Now conversation with Leanne Underwood and Charyl Pearce and I today on Chat With Women's Network click here to download the  MP3 of the show. Or visit my page anytime at Chat With Women to scull the archives!

2010; What Matters? Getting clear on YOUR WHAT"S… that's what! 

Pam Hoelzle

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