2010: What Matters Now Series; Confronting the Brutal Reality….

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You have your goals set, the WHAT matters in 2010 is clear and you've identified specific markers of success; for each goal.

 In addition, you've done a gut check and confirmed that you have a 'compelling why' for every what, goal and objective you are investing in.

All of the goals,objectives, WHAT's that are still standing filtered successfully through your values and vision. Alignment matters. You can feel it. Integrity is power. 

Then you you made a list of the people, leaders, organizations, partners, collaborators who you will be connecting with, working with, aligning with. WHO matters.

Now that your here you might have begun visualizing strategies and tactics complete with time lines and resource punch lists.

Not so fast, speedy.

I'd recommend before diving too deep into HOW you are going to accomplish your goals that you first consider WHERE you are currently. 

Where are you? What is your current brutal reality.

Jim Collin's nails the importance of leaders being able to both confront the brutal facts of their own reality and hold onto the belief that eventually they will triumph. Micheal Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing wrote a great blog outlining Collin's take on this, Two Things Leaders Must Do Now. 

In times like these it seems all we want to do is get some relief from 'reality' and yet to succeed it's absolutely essential we have a comprehensive grasp on both reality and possibility. 

Confronting your brutal reality includes taking a look back over the past 12 months. What worked, what didn't? What people made a difference? Where did you add value? Who added value to you? What are you grateful for, the win's. What did you learn, what would you like not to repeat? What are the takeaways and how might they inform these new hopes, goals and dreams you have for this new year? What doors opened, what doors closed?  

There is no way in goalville that Pollyanna will outperform Reallyanna. 

Research is fairly conclusive in times of challenge we need to have a will of steel and a hold on reality as well as develop faith and perseverance; a knowing that ALL things are possible.

So as I stare at one of my major goals for 2010;  finishing my manuscript; Not What I Thought and finding an agent who will succeed at both selling the manuscript and helping me turn the manuscript into a screenplay…..I am at the same time reviewing the reality of where I am on this goal currently and the progress and dips in my journey this past year.

So where are you currently? What is your brutal reality as it relates to where you plan to be soon, by the end of 2010? 

What can you take from last year into this next year to help you….? 

Pam Hoelzle

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