5 Reasons Business and Tribes Die

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5 reasons Business and Tribes Die

#1. You are talking to the tribe; pushing product, service or the organization ON TO the tribe your working in an old paradigm (web 1.0/ push/pull marketing) The USWorldWibe web has morphed to web 3.0 which is all about  dialog, a robust engagement of the entire tribe; clients, employees, vendors, fans, alliances where "feedback' is the breakfast, lunch and dinner of large, growing, galvanized tribes that create vital businesses and organizations.

#2. The business model sucks. Sorry; but all the activity in the world can't save a crappy product, service or organization. You need an innovative solution that is different from your competition and it must be a high value innovation that is economically sustainable -  ( you have the capital or the numbers work) if you don't have these elements you and your tribe will die on the vine. Go back to zero and re-invent a model that makes money and solves real problems.

#3. You are fighting in a red ocean of competitors with no money in the bank, no team and no market share; get over yourself- this is the highest form of business narcissism and insane. You have to have a product/service or mission that is incredible, a team that can execute and the resources; if you don't fix this – stop running around and focus-PERIOD!

#4. The market has moved changed and your still providing the horse and buggy version. Consumer trends, the market, technology drives opportunity- what needs and problems can you solve now with afew tweeks to your product or service or organization or do you need a whole body makeover?

#5. You have not clarified the 'gut feeling' your product, service or organization leaves with clients/ the tribe and or are not executing an engaging, empathatic, storytelling engagement to galvanize prospects into raving, loyal, paying tribal members

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