A lady of Action: Gabriella Van Breda World Impact Network

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So who currently is challenging you to Play bigger, Pay It Forward More?

This is Gabriella Van Breda executive director of W.I.N. World Impact Network.

 I love this photo of her with the piggy banks she asks others to fill for the WOrld Impact Network ( www.worldimpactnetwork.org) food bank which feeds over 3,000 people in Bellevue Washington every month.

Gaby is challenging me to play bigger and to give more back to the community she's asking me to step up and Pay It Forward like I haven't in a while…maybe ever?

This woman inspires me- not only is she currently working on her Phd through Oxford University in England on action inquiry she lives her passion daily. Recently she and I spent some time together reviewing World Impact's model and I was amazed at  Gabby's passion for leaders, resourcing others and crosscultural community development. She see's the purpose of non-profits shifting radically in this current economic downfall. On a global scene she is challenged by the fact that centuries of investments in the marganalized have left us with a huge contingency globally still - marginalized- what if the model needs changed?

Yes what if the model and the target for creating community transformation needs changed and what if this woman is the one who does it.

Gaby get's it, she gets that the day is over where non-profits or any of us for that matter can sit back and expect others to fund the party; art, theatre, church, all non profit orgs. 

It's time to look at results and to reconfirm our purpose- if we really want sustainable change and to reduce the % of marganalized, poor globally than we need to garner the leaders support and commitment and in this scenerio we would resource, connect, develop, equip the leaders and inoculate the action inquiry, Pay It Forward, Solutionarism philosophy of commiting oneself to a life of adding value to the lives of others- especially our own poor - 

 Yes triple net bottom line organizations have been out there for awhile as have many social entrepreneurs- these models are the models for the future. Sustainability comes from value and value comes from change, improvement and the tribe- social change must target the leaders and they must buy into paying it forward into their own local communities.

Gabriella Van Breda; Action Inquiry- Investing in developing local and emerging nations professional, business, government leaders- teaching them success strategies for a new age, spreading the Pay It Forward philosphy and modeling a life of commiting oneself  to creating and providing value for others.

Thanks Gaby!

Pam Hoelzle

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