Acknowledgement: The first step in customer service

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I've spent the last week conducting tribal conversations; aka focus groups for a client of mine. I"ve been dialoging with both clients and employees; it's funny as I listen intently, engage intentionally I am reminded of my own  customer service pet peeves; one of which I recently encountered.

Standing six client's back in a line that stretched out the door of the lunch establishment I eagerly looked in the direction of the register. Hoping to catch the eye of the young indie employee I wondered does she see me?  Stressed the young woman helped the client in front of her. Busily she was careful to keep from acknowledging any of us standing in line. Something inside of me hungered for more than the carrot soup I had come for. I wanted connection, recognition, to be acknowledged. I needed hope that I wouldn't forever be stuck three feet inside the door hungry. The vegan carrot soup called my name but the lack of acknowledgment was just too much. I turned abruptly, gave up my place in line, burst through the door and headed four doors down, to the funky little sandwich shop where they know my name.

You want to wow clients, develop raving fans perhaps even galvanize an international tribal following? Well, my advice is; understand the basic human need and desire to be acknowledged and recognized.

I've not only developed service training programs, customer service systems and processes for my own companies one of which  served over 30, 000 clients a week in 40 different locations, I've also helped other entrepreneurs develop their customer service processes and systems and guess what… I've learned …customer service is not brain surgery! 

Hire people who like people.

Empower and hold employees accountable for treating every customer encounter as if it was taking place in their own home, with friends.

Develop  operational systems and processes to make sure that all the variables that can be controlled are.

Recognize, celebrate and compensate tribal leaders who rock your clients worlds!

Unleash authentic, magical moments of connection in your business and…

 Never forget to remind your tribe that; "YOU can NOT: NOT impress…within 5 seconds it will be clear…you either care or you don't…"

In our high tech, fear based world there's never been a better time to focus on the basics of human relations; the fundamentals to growing tribes, raving fans and repeat loyal clients.


If you are web based business that greets it's clients electronically; it's essential you design a system to filter spam, non-clients and  prospects out of your email so you can quickly turnaround all tribal correspondence. Quick responses communicate acknowledgment and recognition. Filter out the rifraf and get focused; STOP DOING; the non essential.

Role model authentic, friendship based, caring for each human being; your tribe is watching.

And never forget you can't get to loyalty and galvanization without consistent ACKNOWLEDGMENT …

Acknowledgment matters.


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