All Flow and No Reflection Is A; NO GO!

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All flow and no reflection is a NO GO!

I’ve written about the 8 components of flow, about flow and control, and flow as a way of life in several posts. Recently, I was inspired by Dr. Daniel Siegel’s book Mindsight. In the book Dr. Siegel uses the metaphor of a river to depict the highest level of health and wellness, optimal mind functioning. ( FLOW) Along with his metaphor he offers the acronym FACES to further define the attributes of a healthy mind; Flexible. Adaptive, Coherent, Energized and Stable. Siegel’s work reminds us that a healthy life includes vital awareness and reflection as well as flow.

You see being in the zone, success isn’t just flow; it’s flow and reflection, flow and awareness. Think about it. What happens when you stay in the flow when you’re angry, bitter, resentful, mean, selfish, sarcastic, not getting the results you want or murderous? You keep doing it- right and this flow is a NO GO! Flowing the wrong way is no flow at all. All flow is not GOOD. Repeating behaviors and actions, flowing in a manner that moves you away from your goals and dreams is not only harmful its unconsciousness.

Checks and balances.

Awareness and reflection are critical to success. When things aren’t working, when feedback is less than stellar, when pain is evident, when intuition tells us something is off. It’s time to pay attention and stop what you’re doing no matter how good the flow!

You don’t have to see the wind to know it’s there.

Openness, observation and objectivity are the three O’s to awareness and reflection. Here’s what I am working on developing in terms of improving my own self awareness, reflection and that of my clients.

Openness: An embracing of what is. A commitment to continual curiosity. An approach to life that asks questions rather than gives answers. A tendency to listen rather than talk. ( Yes, this has taken me nearly 40+ years to learn!) A palms open posture versus a fists clenched control mentality.

Observation: To seek to understand more than to be understood. The ability to separate and detach from assumptions. The ability to view without judgment. The ability to watch and learn with our eyes wide open. Taking our biases and setting them aside, knowing that we have them.

Objectivity: Coming from a place of ‘not knowing.’ Admitting that we don’t know it all. Admitting we are not God and not expecting others to be God, either. Allowing ‘whatever is’ to be, as it is. Not needing to control, manipulate or change anything. An ability to BE WITH things, people and ourselves without judgment. A letting go of preconceived ideas and assumptions. Not living on auto-pilot. Being conscious in every precious moment of life.

Flow- yes! But all flow and no reflection is a NO GO- in life and venturing!

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