All I Really Need To FORGET I Learned In High School!

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What do you need to FORGET, that you Learned In High School?

Plato said that “All creativity is first an act of destruction.”

To unleash something new we have to FORGET or forgo something else. Sometimes life is as much about forgetting something or saying no to an old way of being or believing as it is, to doing something new.

Don’t get me wrong, your early life adaptations and beliefs were most likely helpful. But life is dynamic and if you want grow in awareness, manifesting new fruit it’s important to reflect on who you are now, what you believe and compare your actions with your beliefs.

Most of us are running old programming, programming that we outgrew eons ago and just haven’t upgraded or deleted.

Making a life, taking back control, being responsible for one’s path means intentionally and consciously choosing what we believe; virtues, values, life operating beliefs and priorities. Success is not some generically defined summit. It’s a very personal, customized journey informed by what you believe and what’s important to you.

In my work to help leaders, entrepreneurs, creators and social venturist unleash their very best lives I often find that what’s not working is faulty beliefs, life adaptations and assumptions that my clients have long since outgrown.

I don’t want to be a person who talks about integrity, congruency and truth. I want to be a person of action. Here’s a current list of things I’m forgetting and funny thing is, that most of these beliefs were mine by the time I was out of high school….

All I really need to FORGET I learned in high school:

Success is the goal; get the grades, guy, win the friends: SCORE!


Success is an inside job. It begins and ends on the inside of you!

Some people are better than others:


Some people think they are better than others. All people fart and burp and thus all will be dying. Some just have cooler hair.

You are what you do!


You are what you be. Decide on who you want to be. Then BE it.

Their Opinion matters.


The only opinion that you’re responsible for is yours. So what’s your opinion of yourself on what matters most to you?

How things look is how they are.

Truth: The truth tells out over time and looks, well they can be deceiving.

Independent vs Interdependent


We is bigger than I. Us is more powerful than Me. Together we can do the impossible.

Cool is more important than Kind.


Treating others as you’d want to be treated, is the coolest thing in the world.

Be tough, compete and never show your weak side.


Vulnerability and humility melt human hearts.

When in doubt; RUN AWAY!


What we resist, persists. What we embrace we can replace. Courage is not a lack of fear, rather action in the midst of it.

Smart talks


Wisdom is in the asking, listening and shutting up and doing. Talk is cheap.

I need to fit in.


You were born to stick out. Embrace it!

I’m not good enough.


Bullshooty! God doesn’t make junk, you’re just playing the wrong game. Find what you can’t, not do and do it. Throw yourself with abandon into what you want to do and stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

Hot and Sexy is the goal:


Hot and sexy will always be hot and sexy. Some things were true….

Here’s today’s radio show recording. Make a life, not merely a living. The naked truth….with Eric Weaver and Kathy Silverman.

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