Attitude & Strategy= “Stratitude” says Adam Chromy…

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"Stratitude" The combination of great attitude and great strategy…

I was perusing literary agent websites tonight and found a word that I love, "Stratitude."

Adam Chromy at Artists and Artisan's Literary Agency defines 'Stratitude' as what it takes to succeed; a combination of great attitude (like my little girl rocker- sorry photo at my blog only and strategy.

In the current climate stratitude challenges the status quo. We are  bombarded with reports on the saddest, gloomiest or most declining…industries, cities, businesses; daily.

On National Public Radio today Roosevelt,'s famous depression quote was replayed several times.

                                 "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

Attitude; What is your's and how about the people you rock with, dialog with, team with and do life, love and work with? Did you know those around us are mirror's …hmm look carefully; do you like what you see?

So why is the little girl in the photo so gleeful; is it that she just played to a sold out auditorium? Passed the million cd mark? Was allowed to stay up past bedtime to enertain her parents?

So many times attitude is based on the reactions of others, the score card, results…what if attitude was irrespective of results? What if irregardless of outcomes you and I decided to have a rocker-positive attitude every day till we departed planet earth?

What would it take for you to show up all you, all the time – having the time of your life regardless of the results? Sometimes I think I would need  a full frontal lobotomy -or more angel dust.

Thoughts create feelings, "As a woman thinketh…so she IS"

Attitude check; what is your's?

What is your attitude dependent on: sales, body fat percentage, if a client says Yes?
What would have to happen for you to live in a state of excitement, joy, appreciation and gratefulness regardless of sales, results, weight, love, score or number of fans in the auditorium?

Strategy…What's the plan and how are you going to move from where you are to where you want to be?

How much thinking do you do on a regular basis before you take action? Who helps you with strategy- do you have a dream team think tank working with you – complementing your strategic abilities? 

Are you all about 'firing' without aiming, or all about aiming and never firing?

What's your deal? In strategy we want harmony, we want to prepare and thoughtfully consider our options and then take action-action that has the highest probability of moving us from where we are…(little girl with guitar) …to where we want to be…jumping up and down, Pat Benatar;mom and dad applauding loudly!

Whose on your strategy, big concept, thinking team? As important as it is to surround yourself with people whose attitudes reflect positively on you…. so to, is it important to team with strategical thinkers and execution oriented warriors.

It's not ONLY about what you think, it's also  what you do… and how you do it.

it's about 'stratitude.' in life and business.

and along the way don't forget to have the time of your life…Rock ON!

Pam Hoelzle
With is a Powerful Thing

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