Barack Obama – Initiator; Leader

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Leaders initiate. They have a grasp of reality and an inner knowing that things can be different. They are proactive not reactive. They initiate not react. They make things happen not solely respond to things. They envision what could be at the same time facing what is.

Obama initiates, he leads. He has galvanized a world wide tribe asking us not only to believe in his ability to initiate change; but ours.

What are you asking of your tribe, of yourself? Are you initiating change? Engagement? Dialog? Action?

For the past 2 years I've been reacting to circumstances that were challenging in my son's life. Over the past two months I took an Obama like stand and decided it was time to stop reacting and responding. I finally admitted to myself, that I was not in what Seth Godin refers to as a 'dip', an area of challenge that requires perseverance; no I was digging a casket for my child and I.

I initiated change and invited my son to believe in his ability to change his world.

Today my son is 3 states away beginning his first day of boarding school in one of the most beautiful areas of the country; the five corners region in southern Colorado. He will ski 5 times next week…his world is full of new possibilities and I'm asking him to believe in change…

When you and I react we are almost always being driven by fear, living defensively. Whereas, when we initiate we are expounders of possibility and faith. Initiating is pro-active. It's the job of a leader.

What are you reacting to?

What are you responding to?

What are you initiating?

What needs initiating in your life, your business or the lives of your children?

Initiate…it matters.


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