Between a Rock and A Hard Spot

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Between a Rock and A Hard Spot

I went to the movie 127 hours this weekend. WOW.

And I went alone so instead of squeezing someone’s hand I just clamped my eyelids down as tight as possible in the difficult moments of the movie…

Between a rock and a hard spot.

I’ve been there. And I assume, so have you.

Aaron Ralston’s story captured my heart and his own recanting of the story reminded me of the power of love. There’s nothing like love to pull you and I out of our worst moments, phases, predicaments; when we are between a rock and a hard spot.

Aaron says it was his connections, his love for his family that kept him going, it’s the reason he did it. It’s the reason he kept fighting. It was the reason behind the video journal he kept throughout the ordeal.

Certainly he could have committed suicide.

But no, this young man stuck between a rock and a hard spot for 127 hours broke his own bones and cut off his own arm to get back to the people he loved and to save his one incredible life.

I walked out of the movie theater thinking of a few people I’m not ready to say goodbye to yet.

Love – let it help you break free!

Pam Hoelzle

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