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Big Ideas Inspire Tribes, Movements, Communities and yes clients…

I love  Seth Godin. In the marketing sense of the word I mean.

I love his ability to simplify things us business types have a tendency to get in a wad over. 

Some of you may be saying. She should really create her own videos;

you know if she was any kind of an expert at all,  (by the way I am a student of

and ala curious one; not an expert) why use someone else's content?


Big Ideas.



I'm involved in numerous tribes. Seth's is one that I resonate with, there are others.

I've even started a few.

I have found my peeps both on and off line and currently I am all about building

community around things that matter to me;

 using business to do good, getting a life not a job, 

social ventures,  adding value, speaking, writing, inspiring, vegetarianism, gluten free food,

single moms, women that; lift, hike, ski and mountain bike,

faith. People. Possibility. Entrepreneurs.

In an increasingly skeptical world rebounding from the aftermath of global

tragedies, war, Enron, Derivatives, Bush,( smile,) and a global financial crisis I find

Nielsen latest Surveys findings heartening.

In one of the largest surveys of it's kind ( 25,000 on line consumers representing 50 countries)

Nielsen found that 90% of online consumers trust their friends for recommendations

 and 70% trust online reviews.

Increasingly we are depending on our friends and connections to help us navigate the deluge of

information we live within, we are overwhelmed and desperately need help to cut through

the clutter to make the right purchasing and life decisions.

 Reviewal is the new advertising. ( That's my post for Monday)

One of the reasons we trust  friends on and offline as well as our connections are because

these are people who we've aligned with according to affinities, values and choices.

Thanks to the power of the world wide web and its over 1.6 billion participants, you and I are

no longer relegated to whomever is hanging  out at the local coffee shop. 

Now we are connecting and befriending globally based on ideas that inspire us

and shared affinities.

SO what is the big idea(s) that inspires you?  What makes you want to

get up in the morning and leave that soft goose down pillow? What makes your heart

beat faster? What's the big idea behind your business, venture, company


Where are other like affected individuals congregating on and offline?

Join them.

If the big ideas that inspire you, your business aren't yet represented on line. Get a move on it

start something. You heard Seth. Make a movement. Everyone wants to belong, participate,

 contribute, share and connect. 

You see we were born creators hungry for community.

 At our very core we want to be known, to know, to be valued and as Seth say's, "missed."

IRL (in real life) and on line  leaders create visions around ideas that

provide a place for people to come, belong, contribute, consume, give value, receive value, change,

grow, live and yes even have fun.

With over 100 people turning 60 every hour there's never been a better time to understand

the power of big ideas and their ability to connect people and create results. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

What are the big ideas, the ideas that inspire you and your company?

Why is it time you did something about these ideas; NOW?

Pam Hoelzle

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