Think Outside The Box: The path to change

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Tired of the results you’re getting? Want to change? Feel like you, your business, team, is stuck in an endless loop of reactive, hardwired, knee jerk, automatic, unconscious actions and behaviors? Human beings and things humans make (companies, institutions, ventures, communities) become whatever they ‘repeatedly’ do. “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is […]

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Super Freakonomics Lesson #1: As Candy Is To A Kid

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Like a Kid in a Candy Store, originally uploaded by weekbeforenext. Super Freakonomics Lesson #1: As Candy is to a Kid so is Incentive to Human Behavior On the plane home from Denver Sunday night I read Super Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner. It’s the followup to the national bestseller Freakonomics. […]

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Words equal Culture

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Words Equal Culture Words Are ‘principal carriers of meaning,’ powerful beyond comprehension. Building blocks. Tools of expression. Significance filters. Words matter. They always have and now amidst a globally connected web community, they matter more; if that’s possible. Culture A culture is the cumulative beliefs and behaviors, the personality and characteristics of a particular community, […]

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Want to Build Community & Team: Lose The EGO.

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Meet Community & Team Killer #1: The Ego One of my girlfriends (age 45+) told me a story about a friend of her’s who recently celebrated her third marriage. (Do you even celebrate the third one?) My girlfriend was horrified when her fairly normal friend transformed into bridzilla.( 20 year old bridzalla’s are cute; 45 […]

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Mobile Giving: Red Cross Text Haiti

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Mobile Giving; Collaboration Haiti The tragedy in Haiti once again reminds us life is painfully heartbreaking and wildly ,deliciously inspiring. The fact is over 3 million Haitians have been affected by the earthquake and there have been tens of thousands, and estimated hundreds of thousands of casualties. Life is heartbreaking. On the other hand, within minutes of the disaster photos were […]

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Social Language: Healing the Great Divide?

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Social Language:The body of words, systems, terms, symbols, gestures, phrases and tools used to communicate thought, emotion and meaning in the on line world and community.


Yesterday I posted a statement on FaceBook, “Brand is just the gut feeling others have about your business.” A few minutes later my sister who is a few years younger than me clicked thumbs up, she liked my status update A few hours later my 20 year old daughter, Rosie posted her thoughts and albeit she was three states away in her dorm room at Denver University, make no doubt…

I heard her loud and clear.”BRANDING IS STUPID!” her response roared.

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Online & In Real Life: Finding Harmony

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What’s your take on harmonizing In real life and on-line? For most of my life I have developed relationships, communicated, come to know and be known, in person and over the phone. Over the past couple years the tools available to communicate, relate, engage and connect with others have exploded. Increasingly I find myself writing […]

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