Business: Life: Simple or Difficult

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Is your Business, Is your life: Simple or Difficult?

You decide.

Yesterday I was inside a service business with a ton of variables, alot of complexity behind each client transaction- all needing to be orchestrated just right to earn a repeat visit, loyalty- happiness…

By the end of the day I orchestrated a simple list of measures of successes- things that when they happen; result in loyalty – it was a simple list (no it was not a simple process) you might call it standards, measures of success, outcomes- staring at the haze lifting from the team members brains I watched as they too 'saw' the essence of their work; aknew.



Peel back all that is being done and get to the core, ask yourself why…what's the real goal- what is the desired result, the outcomes…begin with the end in mind- the end defined in simple specific outcomes…measures of success.

Where are you now…and simply where do you want to go…

I don't know about you but I spent years overcomplicating and over-thinking most everything; well, truth be told I sometimes still do this in my personal life, but I am  committed to living simply; allowing what is to be what is,  to see it, accept it ; embrace it – so I can decide what next.

I am now learning to use my gift of envisioning and intuition to unwind the unnecessary and to simplify even the most complex, the most painful of business and life events.

Simplicity is not always easy; I'll admit that-but practised, simplicity empowers, encourages and changes even the most complex business situations, the most painful life moments.

It is what it is…now to clarify; what simply is it?

More importantly; simply what do you want?

Pam Hoelzle
Because life matters

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