Business News: The Good, Bad and Ugly of heterosuggestion and syllogism

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Heterosuggestions are suggestions from another person or source that may or may not be true.

 In economic conditions like we find ourselves in today, there is no shortage of toxic heterosuggestions. It seems every news source available to man has become a sewer line of toxic facts, figures and opinions. Now, reality is a good thing. Facing the brutal, cold facts; a sign of awareness, great leadership. However, steeping ones’ mind in poison for any length of time leads to toxicity.  Allow unexamined streams of information sewage to marinate your beliefs and soon you will be living national ‘toilet day’ everyday. (It's true, Monday was national Toilet Day)

The trouble with heterosuggestions is that often times, in our crazed autopilot lives we are totally unaware of the messages, suggestions that are shaping and informing our actions. Socialization is a continual process; unaware many of us accept beliefs and make agreements that sabotage our very existence. The suggestions of others are seeds that grow into beliefs and agreements.

 Prevalent negative business Hetrosuggestions:

The economy is collapsing,

We are headed for a depression.

You can’t try something new now –it’s too risky.

 What is the use; the world is ending anyways.

No one is going to get out unharmed.

You can’t hope.

It’s not a time for taking risks.

You will most likely fail

Buying into any of these is collaborating with failure. As children we had few defenses against socialization.  As adults we have choice. We can choose to listen and agree with the messages we hear or we can listen and refuse the toxicity of the message by restating what is true for us; individually. When we restate or tell our truth we are in effect re-conditioning ourselves in alignment with whom we are and who we consciously choose to be, regardless of the environment we find ourselves in.   Agreements, beliefs and premises act as the unconscious software program within each of us; determining how we think and what is possible in our lives. Faulty beliefs, agreements and suggestions lead to faulty syllogisms constructed on false premises.

Two examples of syllogisms:

If every virtue is praiseworthy

Kindness is a virtue

Kindness is praiseworthy…

If Wall Street is the symbol of economic success

And Wall Street tanks, Iceland melts

The economy will fail

   Since the unconscious accepts beliefs, imaginary, words as truth;  whatever premise, suggestion, toxicity we agree to soon becomes our own thoughts, actions and behaviors.

What are you listening to?

 Who are you listening to?

What messages and suggestions may be increasing worry, fear, anxiety and encoding you with beliefs that undermine your success?

Choice.  Decide today what messages you need to discard and which things you agree with. Be aware of the hetsuggestions that threaten. Take actions to shut off the sewage spill of toxicity. The best offense is to be conscious and aware of the messages and individuals shaping and informing your actions. Question every suggestion, premise, belief and agreement that is not true for you.

 Now is the time for creative, conscious, whole brain thinking.

Feed yourself a daily diet of creative, powerful, truthful suggestions, beliefs and agreements. Daily remind yourself of the beliefs and premises that are the foundation for hope, faith and good. Spend a few moments each morning making your own ‘grateful’ list, everything you are thankful for. Review the positive and focus on the outcomes and results you want; not the negativity of others.  Actively counter or restate negative messages and false premises that threaten to rob the life the Creator breathed into you.

Live; fully, consciously and faithfully. Live

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