Change; somedays it’s like hugging a stranger…

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Embracing change is a lot like hugging a stranger. Initially you’re like the little ole woman in the video, not sure at all you want to wrap your arms around a long hair, sign weilding, stranger. Then as soon as you open yourself up, your entire world transforms. You see life in new color.

Change can be as intimidating as the beggar on the corner and as life giving as a hug.

For some reason call it dna or something else that begins with d, like dysfunction I seem to gravitate towards change. I haven’t necessarily wanted or embraced all the change that has come my way but thats one thing about change. It’s not always what you expected.

It’s important for me to admit that even though I navigate change for others that doesn’t mean change is easy or entirely comfortable for me. It’s not. change by it’s nature is uncomfortable and that’s why for some it’s horrifying. For those of us steeped in it, it’s become a tad bit tolerable, perhaps even preferred.

There isn’t alot of comfort and security in small business these days. But perhaps being comfortable is over rated. Maybe the goal is to be alive, authentic? What if comfort is a rut and a rut is a coffin to life and possibiilty?

You and I aren’t dead yet, so why settle for a rut or what is entirely known and secure for fear the corner stranger might mess up our hair or make us late for our meeting?

Don’t get me wrong I am currently evaluating some changes in my business that have me craving security in the form of either a long vacation in Paris, ice cream or merlot. Perhaps I need all three or maybe I should invent a merlot shake?

The key to change. Well, its in the video. Open your arms, let go of attachment to ideas that no longer are true and to people and things that are no longer real. Take things for what they are, not for what you wish they were. Jump in and live, well live like you’re dying. Because of course you are. So the sooner you get over taking yourself too serious. The sooner you realize there is no security, the sooner you can enjoy life in HD, color.

As I step into what is sure to be another time of change and transformation in my life I am watching this video and reminding myself that my deepest need is to embrace the hugs that are being offered to me, to throw myself into the adventure that is the unknown and to keep living this no regret, no rut, no coffin allowed life …who knows maybe someday I’ll look around and notice that all my stranger hugging, change embracing has done some good.

Now I’m opening myself up to more change. You?

Live the change you were put here to create.

Me I’m off to my proverbial business corner to hug some souls as soon as I finish this merlot shake…

Pam Hoelzle

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