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Change or Die…the three keys to change in business and life

Alan  Deutschman has written a primer on change which presents a persuasive argument for three keys to change; relating, repeating and re-framing. Since change is everywhere from the Oval office to  Main street these days, what a  perfect time to highlight Deutschman’s work.

The first key to change Deutschman presents is RELATING. Relating is the people factor of change.  Duetschman contends that when a relationship exists that inspires hope and provides consistent support, mentoring and or encouragement throughout the change journey; change becomes not only possible but probable.  In business and life everyone needs someone that believes in them and in what is possible. Amen. I’ve spent my life occupying this sacred place of encouragement and inspiration as well as resourcing.

In business this amounts to advisory boards, mentors, skilled and experienced change experts, social networks, support groups, visionaries;  who can guide, resource, inspire, encourage and walk beside you and your team.  Find people who’ve done what you want to do and enlist them in your personal or professional endeavor. When we open up and share the vulnerable parts of ourselves and our businesses with others it connects us and at this intersection of authenticity and vulnerability relations are the most powerful. Be real. Tell people the truth; ask for what you need and share your vision of where you’d like to be- personally and the vision you have for your team. Ask others to help you get there.

                The second key to change Deutschman outlines is REPETITION. Repetition is the mother of all skill. To do something new we must practice it, train, condition ourselves. Training, learning how to do something we’ve never done before requires effort and consistency.  Sometimes we have the relationships that inspire us and yet we keep doing what we’ve always done. We don’t know, what we don’t know. To change, to do something new, to go to a new place we must learn the thinking,  the skills and the 'being' of the new us; the envisioned company.

                 The only way to be anew is to do and to think anew the same old behaviors get us back to the same old place. What does your team or tribe want to change, and what about you? Jot down what behaviors and thinking has to be changed. What knowledge could facilitate this, new skills, behaviors, way’s of being are necessary to encode this?

                Inside your business is there a culture of continuous, never-ending improvement? Is the culture invested in growing, learning and becoming? Is practice, making mistakes, learning, applying new ideas encouraged? Rewarded? If we want change in our tribes, teams and businesses the culture needs to reinforce flexibility, errors and practice. In your personal life; is it okay for you to fall down, not know it all, be perfect? What are your beliefs about what is possible for you and are you willing to accept the truth; you don't know what you don't know that has kept you from the change you desire?

                 For change to be sustainable RE-FRAMING must takes place Deutschman contends . Re-framing is a new way of thinking.  It’s a new way of looking at what is possible. Once we learn something new, practice the skills; new results occur that reinforce feelings and thoughts which reinforce new beliefs. We don't have to wait till we change to re-frame our thoughts and beliefs. Our thinking changes when we decide we are ready. 

    You can re-frame anything right now, right here; change your thoughts and feelings and just watch what happens. What are the faulty beliefs that have kept you and your team imprisoned in old patterns of sabotage. Make sure and let go of these so you can run the re-framed software; beliefs and agreements that support sustainable change for you and your business.

Reinventing anything Relate. Repeat. Re-frame.

So interested in re-inventing yourself- your company?


Go to the closet, the beach, a quiet place; the woods; the library and get real about what isn’t working; in business and life; where’s the pain?


Identify the ‘end in mind’ the change you want. See, hear, feel this as your companies reality, or yours. Write it down as a positive declaration. “I wrote daily and wow my  first book was selected for Oprah’s book club." ( my change- daily writing)


Make a list of every person, organization, club, professional; team, group that could possibly be a part of your RELATE ‘DREAM TEAM.’ Who are the people that can inspire you, who have themselves re-invented themselves, or engaged in similar change and who will support you on your journey? GO on-line if you have to but find your team. Get real with them, be vulnerable and ask for help.


Training. What skills, knowledge, know how must you acquire and practice to sustain the change you desire? Who can train, mentor, coach, and develop you or your team? How will you get the necessary information and what will it take to master the new behaviors and skills to sustain your re-invention?


Get started…from the Oval office to main-street we are a changing…


Pam Hoelzle


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