Change The World Or Go Home

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I know Gapingvoid created the blue Monster for Microsoft . But as important as Microsoft is, it's not the whole world and  Microsoft's not the only one that needs reminding that we are here to CHANGE THE WORLD… OR GO HOME. 

In the movie ,The Matrix Morpheus shows Neo how the world blinds us from the truth, pulls the wool over our eyes.  Morpheus encourages Neo to see the matrix, which he contends, is everywhere; all around.

I've found this to be true in my own life and especially in my life as an entrepreneur.

What ideas and programming are you a slave to? What beliefs have you been born into bondage to? When was the last time you questioned your own Matrix, the programming and beliefs that run your every day decisions such as what to invest your time, talents, networks, resources in?

LIke Neo and Microsoft; you and I have a choice. Red or Blue?

We can either choose the blue pill and stay perfectly happy with the status quo; committed to business as usual or we can choose the red pill and see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

What if the red pill unveiled a whole new zeitgeist? 

What if we found that regardless of age, or past failures that all things are still possible? 

What if we found we could change the world; one person,town, region, state, nation, at a time? What if our thinking allowed for the  intellectual capital of  Non-profits to be combined with the intellectual property and capital of Business, Government, Foundations, Investors, Philanthropist, Medicine and Academia? What if collaboratively that vault of know how was then  interjected with the innovation and systematic change abilities of entrepreneurs?

Do you think changing the world would be possible then; of course.

What if all that keeps leaders separated into their own verticals, industries and sectors of society is old paradigms about value; financial or social and the scarcity model of competition? What if all we need to do is wake up to the Matrix that underlies why nearly 4B people still live in poverty.

What if technology, Web 2.0, the blurring of business and social lines are in deed revealing the matrix for what it is; outdated.  What if all that is needed is  a new awareness?

Certainly factions and pockets of GOOD have existed for as long as modern society.  But what I am talking about is a new valuing of social value, social good; of doing good. What if we were to value social solutions as highly as market solutions. What if social capital was as leveraged as financial capital. What if compassionate commerce was reality? 

With the blurring of lines between business and non-profit, the growth of affinity and value based groups and  free tecchnology platforms connecting the world there has never been a better time to pull the blinders from our eyes and examine the possibilities before us.

For Profit companies are excelling  at social good, innovative not for profit's are embracing  entrepreneurial change and innovation to achieve their goals, social ventures are integrating business innovation and cutting edge models to succeed, hybrid organizations are on the rise and  for profit companies founded solely to solve social problems are excelling. The game is changing; good is growing as a model for social change.

 Doing good; is good business.

To further delve into this conversation Join  Paul Shoemaker of Seattle Social Venture Partners and  Jeris Miller from Compassion Action Network and the Heart of The Matter Blog and I as we discuss

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 Game changers are stepping up. Red pill takers have woken up. Value is in the eyes of the beholder. Each of us is free now to invest our resources and time in that which we believe is most valuable.

The market doesn't own your life. You do

I refuse to swallow another blue pill. Don't like the status quo; never have. I'm an entrepreneur.

In my matrix, social value is every bit as important as market value or shareholder return on investment and I for one want to be at the intersection of Good and Business, charity and commerce doing more than postulating big ideas.

I want to be creating systematic change and innovation by identifying opportunities and leveraging and  collaborating resources to make it happen.

I continually remind myself of Einstein's words, 'the same level of thinking that created the problem will not be adequate to solve it."

 Traditional methods will  not  be adequate to solve societies problems. It's time for social entrepreneur to lead the way.

 The world is growing increasingly complex. Now is the time for Good, for all social change agents to understand that we are not here to merely manage life but rather to create innovative social solutions that change the world.

Gulp. My eyes are wide open.

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