Clear As Mud: Clarity

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Charlie in the mud

Clear As Mud: Clarity in Life. Clarity in Business.

So you’ve come to that place I find myself in every once in awhile.

You know, that place where everything is as clear as mud.

Murky at best. Nothing like a little mud to slow you down a bit, heh?

Oh sure I’ve tried to speed through mud before. I’ve found it’s about as wise as flooring it on a foggy day. Ultimately I either end up spinning out, going nowhere fast or crashing into something. Either way it’s painful.

Much wiser I am learning, is to pay attention to the mud and fog of life/business.

When the terrain morphs from sleek fast, 4 lane freeway to meandering, pot hole laden, mud field it’s time for me to change how I roll. I trade in my sleek sports car for the HUMVEE. I slow down. I respect the journey, the moment. When business and life moves from clear to cloudy I pay attention and eventually when I can’t see at all I stop.

I don’t know about you but I seem to have misplaced my life remote control panel, often the terrain I find myself in is not quite what I thought or expected. I mean who ordered this route?

Muddy times serve to remind us that mountain top, clarity and inspiration is often fleeting; mud, fog, rain, sleet , snow and partial sun more the norm. Don’t get me wrong. I am a clarity freak. I mean it’s my job. It’s just that most of life is transitions, transitions between clarity and fog, mud and water, inspiration and confusion…

I’ve found mud and fog to be a gift, a blessing of sorts as it’s taught me how to slow down and pay attention. Muddy times are great times to ask tough questions. And even better times to bring out those underused faith lights and focus on the white line on the right hand side of the road . It doesn’t really matter that you and I can only see an inch or two in front of us currently; the line goes from here to eternity….

And that I am learning is clarity.

Clear as Mud. Clarity.

Pam Hoelzle

By FreakinButt

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