Collaboration: Digg & Tom’s Style

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Collaboration. I call it the new distribution strategy. Remember the 4 P's and then the 3 C's? Well in my mind community and collaboration are the new distribution. A great example is the collaborative effort between Kevin Rose founder of Digg and Blake Mycoskie at Tom's Shoes.

I'm less likely to look at traditional channel options when rethinking how to grow product and service reach, as I am to think about connections, networks, tribes that are similar; similar value based organizations, leaders and businesses.

This is distribution strategy for the conceptual age, powered by Web 2.0 in an increasingly connected world.

Think horizontal. Look across industries; not down vertical silos.

The Digg, Tom's Shoes collaboration is a great example of what is possible when like 'value' companies partner and leverage their passions, skills and 'best at';  they partner-birth  new products, services and ventures.

There's lots of reasons this works. You're smart you get what's happening. 

So now the fun…

What like minded founders, organizations, teams are you connecting with and developing relationships with? What type of dialogue are you engaging in. Listen up and play abundantly; you never know when the shoe just might fit….

How are you collaborating; how is your network creating new ways to add value?

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