Conducting Business…Life: Harmony

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The Orchestra, originally uploaded by hitchica.

You are a conductor; conducting YOUR business and life.

The music you are making is your life, your business.

Harmony, a pleasing arrangement of the parts of your life the simultaneous combination of the tones, the integration, the complexity, variety and mutuality that is you; is the goal…not balance.

Balance demands things be equal; equally distributed, in equilibrium, of equality. I find that most of life is arranging, integrating not equalizing. Balance feels like a straight line, a beaker with not one drop too much of liquid, a teeter totter, breathlessly held in mid air; balanced. Balance seems un-livable, unnatural and yes if indeed static, dead; entirely undesirable in the creative, adventurous life of the artist, the entrepreneur, the leader.

Harmony makes sense to me.

Conducting makes sense to me. Ever since I read the Art of Possibility, oh so many years ago the metaphor of conducting, orchestrating has stuck with me.

Each of us begins with the desire to create, I believe,  breathed into us by the master conductor. With free will and liberty, you and I are empowered at the podium of our life,the conductor, orchestrating the arrangement of our choosing, responding to the outcomes of our choices, the coming together, the creation that is our life.

Harmony is about arranging,  conducting, orchestrating a compilation, it's a simultaneous blending of much and many; a life of multiple sounds lived in such a way it is pleasing to us, true to our vision, values, who we really are.

 A harmonious life, business is not static, flat at least not consistently for that wouldn't be living now would it?

In this one incredible life, I sometimes find only the flutes playing, then the french horns join them, suddenly before I know it the woodwinds overpower all the tones and just when I grow use to the accompaniment;  the brass begins, the saxophones mutuality takes me to a new place.

Flow. A life, a business in harmony has flow; flow has spirit; spirit is life.

Conducting. I believe I"ve been  invited to co-create. He is. I am. I've got the baton, for this one incredible life I've been given I have the -free will to conduct, to orchestrate to arrange the parts as I so choose.

What are you doing with this one incredible life…. of yours?

Are you living in harmony with what you believe, your deepest desires, your talents, gifts?

Are you doing those things that  take you to the zone, in flow-make you come alive- feel excited to be the conductor….

How are the parts arranged; pleasingly to you? People to love; people who love you, work that matters- – activities investments that combine to create the art that is your life?

Surround yourself with orchestrator's, conductors, fellow artisans and entrepreneurs who find the music of your life pleasing, mutually enjoyable and whose life music is in harmony with yours.

Here's to living this one incredible life… in harmony with the music within~

Because your life matters…

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