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Holding Hands
The process of a creating an eco-system of like minded partners to share and integrate resources, currencies and energies for solving specific community, regional, and or international problems.

In my never ending pursuit of using words to think differently.
I coined a new one.
Word that is.
Now don’t go rolling your eyes at me, nor ask what I’m smoking. And don’t even try to argue the world has enough words, that’s like saying the world has enough art, music or love. Which is obviously not true):
Yes. Words are one of my loves. Because words are one of the tools you and I use to understand each other.
Certainly. Most communication is non-verbal. But in creating authentic lives and ventures often we find ourselves without the words to convey our unique perspective, give the meaning we want.
And so we create the word to share the reality. Reality is; there is a lot of coopercommunalation going on! I just want it to grow and spread. If you don’t like my word. Fine. But for a moment let’s allow this word and the definition to shape our discussion about a different way of doing life and business, a model of coming together and sharing resources in a open sourced, eco-system, community based collaborative manner to drive solutions of all kinds.
I’m currently working with several ventures and prior to this week didn’t have an adequate word to describe their structure, the business model, the venture model. The other day as I sipped coffee with Ethan Yarbrough at Zoko’s in Kirkland I explained, “It’s a cooper-communal-ation.”
Later it hit me. Love that is. Word love.
More and more open source is the model for solving problems; for profit and not. People are coming together aligned around a common idea. We are joining pre-existing movements and tribes or making new ones. Aligned in values and motivated by the pain, problem we are identifying others to hold hands with, who we want to resource and we are collaborating like never before to create innovative solutions.
Now don’t go Industrial age on me. I’m not talking about a mere sharing of money and a split of equity here. No I am talking about a paradigm shift, a belief that embraces the idea that we are here to create eco-systems of shared resources, talents, currencies, energies; brotherhoods, sisterhoods, families of sorts to solve previously unsolved economic, environmental, social, spiritual, intellectual and physical problems.
A coopercommunalition is an eco-system rich in resources, talents and time.
Now don’t get all tied up in your underwear over whether this cooperative, integrated, community based, collaboration is for-profit or not. That’s old stinky thinking and a paradigm that is slipping away. Think opportunity, problem and solution. Leave the ‘return’ to the coopercommunalation participants to decide….
What matters is to see that the tools at our fingertips today are truly making all things possible, if in fact we can embrace a new model, structure for working and being together. And if we can understant that when we share resources, hold hands and embrace a model of cooperation, community and collaboration we are in effect engaging in the most powerful act known to women and men: Transformation. Change. Creation. Innovation.
There is no social, environmental, economic and spiritual problem that can stand if we come together.
Now what are you most pained by?
What are you curious about?
Who else is?
Maybe it’s time to join forces with a community in existence already or develop a coopercommunaltion to be the change you want to be!
Yes I sent “coopercommunaltion” to urban dictionary for inclusion. As soon as they publish it I’ll link it here.
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