Covered in Compost

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Top dressing beds with compost

Covered In Compost

Compost happens. The best laid plans fail. Problems arise. Detours occur. Things change. People, businesses, relationships, organizations disapoint us.

I’ve had my share of compost.

It doesn’t look, smell or feel good.

When life goes compost, things are dark and damp. It’s winter. Father time has issued a giant time out. Nothing is growing. Life isn’t as you ordered, or imagined.

When the compost comes, when it covers you, your life, your business, organization, goals and dreams it’s only natural to fight it or try to flee from it.

Most of us fight the compost in our lives. We go to war with ‘what is.’ We refuse to accept it. Perhaps we deny it, ignore it as a way of fighting it. Others of us go into flight. We run from our compost trying to put as much distance as possible between us and the foul stench of our life.

Either way, most of us don’t want to be covered in compost. And we don’t believe life compost has any benefits. We prefer sun to rain and snow, summer to winter. WE prefer things to go well and we’d prefer the life we ordered..without all the shit!

My ‘compost happen’s moments are teaching me to stand and not run. To surrender not fight. I’ve learned that when compost happens, my job is to jump in. To soak.

My job is to allow the compost in my life- to do it’s work and grow me.

Yes. Compost grows me. It grows you too.

So here’s to life composting. Pull on your beanie, put your gloves on and then jump in.

When you’re covered with compost you’re ready to grow.

Pam Hoelzle

photo credit

Fairweathers Garden Centre

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