Creating A Marketing Playbook; Marketing Revolution

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Creating a Marketing Playbook, The marketing revolution

( Click through to see what a path looks like- now use the zoom in feature on the right hand side and hold down your mouse to grab the screen and self navigate through the content. Click on a video to watch it- click on a url to go to the link.) Bookmark this tool- it’s my gift to you- and share it! If you are looking for the 6 step marketing playbook process click here

I don’t know what I’m more excited about the Prezi presentation, online learning tool or the fact I’ve put up over 100 hours of marketing training, materials and resources on it for you!

Prezi is an online, free zooming presentation tool that allows you to embed video, photos, create hot links and download pdf files. And because some of you wanted a simplified presentation of the 6 step process I use to develop a marketing playbook here’s another version of the above marketing tool kit.

Through the use of brackets, paths and zoom Prezi allows you to create pre-determined paths for your audience or for you to free hand your presentations for maximum engagement.

I used this platform for the first time tonight in the classroom. I had great responses from the students. I love the high design, interactive format. It’s effective at deepening conversation and engagement with your audience. And it’s perfect for me as my ultimate goal in the classroom is to inspire each to contribute as both teacher and student. Dialogue, not monologue is at the foundation of learning, knowing and becoming.

I have a lot to learn but I can already see how my epistemology and this tool are meant for each other. One love. Baby. One love.

I’ll probably look back and laugh. But for now. MY baby is BEAUTIFUL! Yeah, I’m the new entrepreneur, the recent convert, the techno-edu-engager weirdo. Excited at the possibilities of further engaging others!

It’s so easy to showcase specific details as you present, share a video, focus on one word, link to a url or review a document. As with most content platforms you control the privacy settings; private or public and furthermore whether your audience can roam freely through the presentation or if they must follow your pre-determined path. Also, your audience can become editors, contributors themselves. Collaboration. Yes -it’s collaborative if you so desire!

I’ve used Mindomo and loved it. I currently have a startup business tool kit housed on Mindomo. But let’s be honest. Mindmo is organized, the librarian of the two. Prezi is the hottie of the two; she’s definitely more graphic artist with a side of social media. Get my drift?

I tend toward librarian intellectually but I want high design and digital hipness! I’m wondering if I can put voice threads around Prezi? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a way to integrate audio or visual comments?

The marketing play book is my Christmas gift to you, my clients, readers, friends and to my students in the undergraduate, MBA and adult education programs at Northwest University.

I want to live and be abundant. And so – enjoy.

I wish you great success in whatever you pursue and remember GREAT marketing is more about creating your own play book than it is about developing a plan. Think dynamic.Real time. Versatile. Engaged. Continuous feedback and input. Constant improvements, tweeks.

It’s a play book….now go get creating…

I expect to be improving the Prezi presentation of the marketing play book in the coming weeks and months. Let me know what you’d like to see added.

What do you like about Prezi, what don’t you like? Ideas? Thoughts?

Pam Hoelzle

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Pam Hoelzle

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