Diamond or Road Kill: The value of self and others

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DAY165; Road Kill

What is your self worth based on?

How about those around you, how do you determine the value of others?

Some would say a persons value is a direct reflection of their impact and effect on others. Arguing that human value, self worth is an addition and subtraction equation that is dependent on others subjective estimations. Some would say self worth, human value is market based and each life is a multiple of it’s basic economic output annually. Others would argue that the value of a human being can’t be measured, its priceless, fixed at birth and that self worth and human value are not impact or outcome based. That human value, worth is irrevocable and it comes with our first breath.

But I don’t care about what others think. I asked you the question. Just like I ask leaders, creators and entrepreneurs every day.

‘What determines the value, worth of your life?”

“How valuable are you and why?”

Take a few moments. Answer the questions. Share your comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts about your beliefs about self worth and the value of others.

I happen to believe human beings were created in the image of the Creator. God doesn’t create road kill he creates diamonds. Priceless. I believe that self worth and value are irrevocable. That in the eyes of God all are precious, invaluable and to be treated as such . Period. Janitor, President, teenage rebel, homeless adult, Governor. All are equal. Sure the impact and effect on others from each of these lives will vary but their value, worth as human beings is not open for discussion, it’s not a less than or more than equation. Each life is absolutely precious and irrevocable. People they matter. And your sense of value and self worth needs to be detached from the opinions of others, the marketplace or any other subjective measurement source.

Now that said, I understand that some people choose to invest their diamond nature in road kill lifestyles. Over time these individuals create so much road kill they believe they are road kill. The impact and effect of their life choices are ugly, undesirable and far from the beauty of the diamond they were fashioned after.

Then there are individuals who have been treated as if they were road kill by a parent, boss, supervisor, friend, lover and or partner. And accidentally these individuals, usually children who grow into adults, adapted the false belief that they were human road kill. They accepted a mantle of inferiority, worthlessness, assumed a state of inner isolation, felt unworthy.

Diamond or Roadkill?

Do you see yourself as precious and valuable or invaluable, easily replaceable and down right road kill? What about others? How do you treat people? All people? Do you dole out respect and behavior based on others behaviors and score card? Or do you show up daily and treat everyone as a diamond?

Diamond. You are. So is that guy sitting on the freeway with the sign “Need money.” What would happen if we all showed up as diamonds and began to treat everyone around us as if they were the most precious thing in this world?

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