Don’t Hang Curtains Before You Frame The Walls

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So you’re building something.Build Something Together photo By TinCan Studio

In the middle of Building something creating something important. Photo byBy superhua

And you’re more than ready to be there, DONE, aRRIVED. Finished.Finishphoto By Wildcat Dunny

So lately you’ve been cheating father (why do we think it’s a man?) time a bit, have you?

You’ve crossed off tasks and forgone checks and balances. In an effort to save time and money you’ve begun’doing without’, ‘doing instead’ and ‘doing because.’

I mean it’s exciting, you can see the vision. SEE, you can ‘TASTE’ the vision, it’s so close.

You’ve become downright LUSTY.

Yep you’ve crossed the line, that lust line, the one where suddenly YOU must have it, whatever IT is and you must have it NOW.

Obsessed with your creation, you are. ( That was me channeling Yoda)

Might you be doing things that could jeopardize or even sacrifice the SOMETHING you so want to build, create; here, now; presently?

Are you hanging curtains before the walls have been framed?

Moving in and planning grandchildren on day two?

Don’t hang curtains before you frame the walls.

Be here, Be here now- enjoy the creative PROCESS.

Pam Hoelzle

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