Engaged Marketing: Marketing for a new economy

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Engaged Marketing: Marketing for a new economy.

Everywhere the buzz is about connecting and engaging the tribe; clients and employees.

Gone are the days marketers are pushing anything on anyone – the idea of taking an awkward product and jamming it through the distribution channel or telling an exaggerated story is so off trend right now it will literally sink the boat if you try it.


Think about the word; picture a couple just announcing their engagement; now think about your employees in that close of a dialog, connection with you…engaged…now think about your clients…close…connecting…doing life with you; in dialog…engaged.

Now your starting to feel how marketing is changing…has changed. It's gotten a whole lot more personal, close and it's inviting everyone to belong, connect, interact and engage.

It's not about the product, the service or the brand anymore…especially not at the exclusion of the tribe.The entire paradigm is upside down or as many of us have seen it right side up; finally-
Engaged marketing focuses on the tribe; it's all about the people; the clients and employees; their needs and wants drive the entire marketing process from research and development to product design, distribution, pricing and right through promotion.

It's hand to hand, it's listening, it's validating that those we serve are co-creators in and of themselves with much to add to the experience of who and what we are; that they are a vital part of the experience that is our product, our service and the story…our brand.

It's about experience…it's about a new way of doing life -choosing to interact with products and services that best represent us, who we want to engage with, get close too, dialog with and connect with…

Marketing in a new economy:

It's personal;
It's engaging  
IT Galvanizes the entire tribe…. every step of the WAY.

Because how we tell our stories…how we share our products/services MUST BE




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