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As we enter into a time of celebrating ,as families convene my thoughts turn to faith.

Funny seems everything I've ever done; athletics, entrepreneurship, business, school, love, spirituality, friendship, parenting…getting out of bed every morning… necessitates quadruple doses of FAITH.

Faith. Faith; the ability to believe in that which is yet to be seen or realized. Belief. A knowing.

Faith; it is my foundation in business and in life.

The other day I was feeling the opposite of faithful and a friend sensed my fear. Fear it's the arch rival of faith huh? Always showing up dissing trust and belief for being so pollyanish!

Together my friend and I recognized my fears. He talked about trust  and reminded me of how many things I never worry about; I trust my lungs will continue to breathe, my heart will continue to beat, the sun will stay in the sky, the ocean will remain within it's boundaries.  And then there's faith…faith in God, in spirit, in the divine, eternity…faith that in the future things will turn out…be as we hope.

Hands. Connection. Knowing we are not alone. In business  I can't grow if I don't trust, if I don't connect ,if I don't believe and have faith. I trust not only my vision but my tribe and in the power that is greater than all of us, the miraculous that happens when people join together, connect, care.

Faith; the  belief that, that which can't be seen; still is.

Faithfully, I work every week on a manuscript. It's a faithful discipline to write week after week, year after year with no agent or publisher or book…just a belief..trusting…faithful that this connection, this unveiling is destiny and that which is yet to be completed, manifested will be; someday. Faith.

In life and in busines I am drawn to spaces and opportunities that demand I believe, trust, and am faithful you see I am a  creator, visionary and sequencer of progress.  Without faith nothing can come into being that is not yet.  To create one must be faithful. Of faith. To connect, we must trust. To Be, we must believe.

For years the holidays were extremely ugly for me; I missed my mom who left this world when I was 26, I missed the second family of my kids who perished in a tragic airplane crash, I missed my first husband who I was estranged from. Loss, dissapointment and tragedy all tears at faith demanding it respond.

Faith, it's tougher to believe, to connect, to trust when life is littered with pain and dissapointment; but it's not impossible. Look at Victor Frankl and Lincoln… I encourage you, regardless of the litter in your life; Believe. Trust. Connect.

Share your grief as I shared my fear with my friend.

 Trust that you are not alone. Believe that your life has meaning and purpose and that this moment too shall pass.

I use to run away and isolate during the holidays, not trusting the closeness of the season, not trusting others, not trusting myself or God.Today, I hunger for connection, to trust, to believe and I find it's my faith dirty, scrubbed raw, nearly flameless for years that burns ever so gently within calling me to reach out, to connect, to contribute, to believe, to dream, to faithfully create ;aknew. 

You see I cannot-not … so I choose too, believing that the spirit of God who breathed life into this planet is the same spirit that connects you and I enabling me to reach out and place my dirty, imperfect  hand in yours; believing I can trust you, believing that together we can create the miraculous…the yet to be imagined. 

Faith…Trust It matters

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