From Monologue To Dialogue: Social Cues

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I am curious, as in curious George. I too would have eaten the puzzle piece thinking it was an interesting piece of chocolate or burnt almond roca.

So it is my curiosity that leads me to ask; clients, peers, friends, business types, social change experts, life hackers, spiritual ones and let's be honest ;anyone that will talk to me, "What is the biggest challenge you face?"

At a recent gathering #WOS of social media diva's in Bellevue, I had the chance to ask some of the women I admire in the social media scene this very question and one of the wonder women seated around the fire, Charl Pearce answered  "helping others take their social conversation from monologue to dialog."

I listened intently as questions ensued and an engaging, in real life, dialog engulfed me. 

How easily Charl distilled one of the major social media challenges we face in light of the sweeping communication changes brought on by Web 2.0, social media and technology.

As I listened it dawned on me that one of the ways we move from  spray and pray corporate marketing monologue is to  dialog; engaging others in a social conversation, a give and take of genuine, authentic and transparent communication between living breathing human beings versus robotic corporate speak.

As I watched this group of estrogen laden dynamo's including the likes of @leannu, @dakini_3, @cherylnichols, @colleencar engage each other I was once again reminded of the magic that is possible when individuals show up and openly embrace the 'otherness' of others.

Questions engage others. They lead to dialog. They are not tools of monologues, but rather instigators of engagement, conversation. 

But even more importantly is what you and I believe about dialog; why is it preferable to monologue?

Dialog is preferable because talking is not relating and promotion and advertising have been replaced by reviewal and engaged tribal storytelling. Marketers schooled in monologue, like myself are slowly but surely learning how to use web 2.0 to engage in vital, meaningful conversations .

 To enter into conversation it helps if one believes that knowing others; one or many, is valuable in and of itself not merely as a means to create business outcomes such as sales, net income, or gross profit but for the sheer pleasure of being known and knowing.

As I watched the diva's around me dig into questions, conversing and  engaging in dialog I was reminded that social media and web 2.0 technologies are great tools, but just that; tools enabling an age old human need to be met; the need to be valued, missed, connected.

So…are you noticing how out of sync the ole monologue, spray and pray corporate speak seems these days?

Word on the street, from the diva's I know is that its SOCIAL time; time for dialog…

join the conversation we need you!

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