Get A Life, Before you Croak!

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Get a Life!!

Don’t get a job; Get a life before you Croak!

I met with a past client of mine yesterday and he said as he sipped his coffee, ” I finally took your advice and decided to get a life.”

I smiled. About a year or two ago I helped him and his partner grow their business and then sell it. You see the business they had designed was sucking the marrow out of their life. Yeah, it fit them early on, but it grew into a vehicle that no longer served them, rather was killing them. Sometimes we design businesses that are contrary to who we are, what we love, even what we believe in and what we are best at. These businesses become as deadly as dreaded jobs and we all know dreaded jobs are blood sucking vampires that slowly turn perfectly vibrant people into mummies.

As my friend and I talked I thought about my current work project; an E-book titled

Get Real: Get passion, purpose and profits!

Then my thoughts turned to the book I am currently reading, The Power of Pull; How Small Moves, Smartly Made Can Set Big Things in Motion.

You see we grow up being told to get a job, career, spouse, house and kids. I mean the list is endless, right as to all the stuff we need to ‘get.’

They lied. Yes lied. You can’t get a life or become yourself through merely acquiring things and relationships. NO to truly live you need to figure out how to be- and that means getting real clear on who you are and what you love and believe!

So forget about getting ANY thing except for clear on who you want to be and what type of life you really, really want to live -before you croak.

What makes your heart soar? What can’t you not do? Who are you and what do you believe? What is the best representation of you, that when you do it you feel most alive? Press into that. Worry more about ‘who’ you are and who you are becoming and less about ‘what’ you have. I’m not the first to say, you can win the entire world and still end up a loser if along the way you lose your soul, spirit, passion and never show up for your one incredible life.

You see us humanoids were designed for purpose, passion and meaning. We’re entirely different creatures when we believe in what we do, when we get to control what we invest our time and resources into. When a person loves what they do, when they do what they believe well- they become them…. Trouble is we have been sold a bunch of bull shooty. We’ve been told that the only way to be secure is to sign up for a job regardless of what it does to our spirit, soul or life. This is the lie of the industrial age. You need someone else to bail you out or provide you with security. Hello security is a delusion. NO one is secure and no one get’s out alive-!

NO we need to show up and bail ourselves out- we need to step up and have more pain attached to dying before we live than allowing fear to keep us from really living or worse yet doing things we hate or don’t light us up because we’re to fearful to try something else. Enough bullshit. Enough.

In the Power of Pull Hagel, Brown and Davison show how the passion directed individual and organization is unleashed in the new social/digitally connected world of knowledge flows to access and attract the resources necessary to achieve their highest potential. The world is changing. Are you?

The authors outline the shifts in the world that are aligning on the side of the individual, the dreamer and the consumer. Never before have resources been so available, has access been so mass. Now, now is the time to design your life- to step out to engage and to inquire into what you most love and want to invest your precious life and time in.

Now more than ever worry less about ‘how’ you are going to do it and more about ‘what’ you really, really want to be and do. Think more about the questions, inquire, be curious and press into those things you can’t ignore, your passions and interests. Let the questions, inquiry lead you to the answers, solutions and resources necessary to achieve your goals and dreams. It is your deeply held beliefs, those things that get you up in the morning and won’t let you go to sleep at night that you must listen to, attend to and follow if you really truly want to get a life…. now. Here, presently.

Innovation, the process of creating is as I’ve mentioned before, more random discovery than preset system and as the authors of Pull so eloquently explain creating involves a very high level of serendipity especially now in the digital age. Serendipity is the act of finding what one did not know they were looking for. Get real and then get clear on what you want and then get collaborating and inquiring and serendipity will lead you to the answers you seek.

Share. Collaborate. Join hands. Participate. Go to the edge and listen deeply to what is happening in the areas you are most excited about.

Mostly Live. Yes – you’ve been given full permission to truly live, to enjoy what you do daily, how you invest your time and who you become before you croak!

I’m currently putting the process of inquiry I use to help others get a life, design their business around their passion into a framework, a model of inquiry, questions and tools . I can’t wait to share this. This is the tool I wish someone would have handed me in my early 20’s. And then I wish they would have told me what it seems to have taken me decades to learn.

” Life is to be designed. There is no one size fits all. This life of yours; it is your gift. What you do with it- your gift to others. It’s not meant to look or feel like any other life. It’s meant to be the best expression of you, what you believe and what you are passionate about. Now get out there and design your life! Do the best you can, collaborate, ask, inquire, fall down and get back up but for lordy sake don’t look back! Go forward, learn, live with passion and meaning and yes you can finance this life of yours- you can create a profitable business that allows you to live how you want and control what you do on a daily basis. Now get busy!”

Come on -Get a life- Before you Croak!

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