Getting Back Up

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Getting Back Up.

I think I might just have my PhD in falling down. Not the slight mis-step, trip kind but rather the flat on my face, or back, could the ground just open up and swallow me type. Down for the count. (And by the way I am so getting a belly ring or tattoo when my son graduates)

Been there? Still there, deciding if you want to get back up?

Getting back up.

Sometimes its harder than it looks. When a double decker, decade-long, friendship ends, when the love of your life walks out, when your dream crumbles when a business or career move lay’s you out on the rug staying down and resting makes sense at least momentarily…

Sometimes you want to just lie there and have a small or in my case, LARGE and LOUD pity party.

Broken things take time to heal.

But eventually when the internal bruising subsides we realize yesterday is yesterday and that the longer we lie here on the ground, hiding from life and risk and pain, obsessing over getting knocked out again all we are doing is wasting our one incredible life.

Those of you who know me, know I’ve lost love ones to fiery plane crashes and seen decades of love and trust disintegrate in seconds.

I buried my mom in my 20’s and fought like hell to not lose my son to drugs in my 40’s.

Oh I’ve been laid out on the mat by love and by loss. I’ve cried for a year straight and I’ve sat in the bottom of a closet yelling at God. And slowly, knock out by knock out I have learned that with love on my side I can always somehow find my knees.

I do my best work pounding heaven on my knees and if I can humble myself enough to take this posture it’s usually not long before I find myself with enough energy to get back up, all the way up. Spirit, mind and body.

Get back up. Your life is waiting. God doesn’t make junk or mistakes. You are here for a purpose.

Now rise my friend and walk into the miracles that are waiting for you.

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