Is This A Good Business Idea?

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How do I know if my idea would make a good business?

Last night after teaching the MBA cohort over at Northwest University I was musing over the fact that the entrepreneur has a million tools at their disposal to develop a business plan with but very few tools to vett out their business ideas, models or start up thoughts with.

I think we over invest in planning to be honest and under invest in learning how to think about business models and vetting them out . Here’s a tool I use to get my head around an idea and help me begin to answer the questions, “Is this idea a good business, will this be a good business?”

I developed the eco-engineur, business vetting, ‘is this a good business idea’ tool in cooperation with my friend Ted Stoakes who works in Silicon Valley helping start-ups and early stage companies get funding and scale.

Click on the image to make it larger.

Also, I have created a start up tool kit, new business tools set for entrepreneurs. You can find the tutorial here

And you can then link to the Mindomo platform where I’ve uploaded all my business tools!

Enjoy. And remember- one precious life- invest it wisely.

Make a life – not merely a living!

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Seattle Business Coach

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