Leadership. It must get better. It must become GOOD.

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Leadership. It must get better. It must become GOOD.

As I review the Community Round table report on community management my mind keeps chunking up to the idea about what this report has to do with GOOD leadership; servant, community, tribal and movement inciting leadership?

I keep coming back to the thought that as cool as managing an online community is – I want more.I want a revolution not just in online community management but in LEADERSHIP itself.

One of my fantasies is to incite a GOOD revolution. ( I know, I think it’s my age)What’s a ‘GOOD revolution? ( check out a guy I think so gets this, Umair Haque)

A GOOD revolution is where leaders create high impact social, environmental and financial outcomes for ALL. It’s a paradigm shift in which every person seizes their power as a leader and realizes that all leadership begins with personal choice. It’s a revolution in which individuals SEIZE THEIR personal power to make good by taking every decision captive and choosing actions that have the most positive social, environmental and financial impacts for themselves AND the community- world. ( It might of been what Jesus had in mind?)

A GOOD revolution will create a world of Martin Luther’s, Rosa Parks, Ghandi’s, Mother Teresa’s, Mohammed Yunus’s, Bill Gates and the likes…

I don’t see one framework for the type of leadership necessary for GOOD to takeover. Maybe I’ll work on that in my spare time. But for now – pull up my past blogs on leadership and check out Seth Godin’s work on tribes, Robert Greenleaf’s work on Servant leadership and Brown and Logan’s latest work on Tribal Leadership. I think you will start to hear the music and along the way I hope you are encouraged to discover your own unique, jazz rendition of GOOD leadership.

Call it servant, tribal or community but make no mistake this is the new leadership.

And it’s all about GOOD change. GOOD leadership breaks with traditional top down, scarcity, competition based, fear motivated management.

GOOD Leaders ARE:

Diligent architects of frameworks, boundaries and structures. Creators of boundaries that provide clarity but do not restrict individual or group potential.

Engagers of people.

Capable of understanding the individual and leading the group.



Humble and strong.

Communicators of big ideas, visions and values.

Architects of frameworks, environments and transformational experiences.

Advocates and evangelists.

Resourcer’s of others.

Tolerant, patient and flexible.

Open, transparent and trustworthy.

Deep conversationalist, lovers of dialogue.

Unrestricted in their sense of GOOD and impact.

Students of innovation and change; comfortable with the process of random discovery.


Dynamic musicians of life who see leading and living as more jazz than anything else; an art, a way of being


High impact- outcome responsible.

Committed to the Hippocratic Oath- ‘ first do no harm; and then committed to doing the most good.

Reality based.

Clear. Focused and Tenacious.

Good leadership- what must happen for us to incite a GOOD leadership revolution?
Pam Hoelzle

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