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St. Mark's Cathedral, Seattle, originally uploaded by jacobC.

I celebrated Christmas Eve at St. Marks in Seattle. Just sitting in the pew reminded me of a  college trip when studying abroad led me to the famous Notre Dame. I'll never forget the sound of the choir, the majesty of the architecture and the sense of possibility that greeted me that day. I carefully inspected every stained glass window, I stepped into every corner of the majestic cathedral. I  experienced true majesty, grandness, a vision realized.

This Christmas Eve was no different, with trumpets, flutes, soliost, Christmas carols,  50ft organs I once again found myself experiencing another grand vision; realized. The 100+ foot ceilling, the pillars, pews all witnessed to the power of a vision. You see the architects and builders of both Notre Dame and St. Marks Cathedral shared one thing: Grand Vision.

Without a vision, the good book says, people perish.

Visions matter.

                As visionaries go, I tend to rate God fairly high… Some might disagree, most however, will not disagree with the statement that the architects and builders of both the Notre Dame and St. Marks dreamed a grand vision.  You and I know special, unique, grand, majestic when we experience it; it's so different from common, ordinary, normal that fills our lives and threatens to communicate grand is dead, doesn't matter, can't happen.

Grand Visions. As I look forward to a New Year, a new economy, a new President,  I challenge myself to dream a grand vision as uncommon, as unique, as out of the ordinary and majestic as St. Marks Cathedral.

What is your vision for 2009?

 Grand, inspiring, take your breath away…

Visions matter








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