Hamster Wheel Living

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Hamster Wheel Living

But Robert, it doesn’t have to be this way.

What do you mean?” The young hamster asked.

You don’t have to stay on that wheel morning and night, spinning and spinning, rushing around, going no where

Who says I’m going nowhere? Sometimes I end up in the kitchen.”

Sink that is.” She added.

Sometimes I even end up in the living room.” He argued.

Smashed between the plant and the wall.” She reminded.

Why not try hanging out on the couch, or sitting on this pillow, read a book, get a job, take a walk. I mean mix it up a little bro.”

You don’t understand.” He said as he began spinning his wheel as fast as his mini hamster legs would go.


I’m a hamster. Therefore I spin.

“You’ve chosen to spin; dude.” She argued.

I’m an expert spinner, I’ve mastered the art of being flung. And I just completed my PhD in wall recovery and kitchen sink archeology..”

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean anything… maybe you’re scared?’

“Of what the couch, After that Phd in ‘sink’- believe me ‘couch’ will not be an issue.”

No, wall brain, maybe you’re scared of anything that doesn’t whirl, twirl and fling your sorry little hamster buns half way across the room. Maybe you’re scared OF NOT SPINNING!”

Hmm, I’ll have to spin on that.” He said with a smile as he sped his wheel to a full twirl.

Hamster Wheel Living. It’s a choice.

Pam Hoelzle

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